Sunday, May 11, 2008

"This Is" Theme of The Week: Happy Mother's Day

This weeks
"This Is...." theme, which was picked by Zoesquid, is a two part theme. For the first part I am suppose to post a picture of my mom. This picture is of Jaime and mom, in February of 2007, in Mexico at Jaime's wedding. Mom had a great week and I am glad that she was able to go.
The second part of the theme is to tell about some good advise she has given me. L.O.L.! That is not going to happen on this blog, that's for sure! My mother and advise..........mmmmmm.
Can I just say that for my wedding shower in 1972 she gave me a black see-through negligee? This, to a very naive seventeen year old that didn't know anything about anything. Sex education was almost non-existent back then. Most of our sex education classes consisted of the boys being in one room with a male teacher and the girls in a different room with a female teacher. It may have been the time of the sexual revolution but not in any of the schools that I attended. Sex wasn't something that most parents discussed with their children. Even if it had entered my mind to ask her about anything concerning my honeymoon and/or sex, I am sure my mother would have said those four little words that she was famous for, "Go ask your father."
So that's it. She is who she is and she just happens to be the woman I call mom. Sometimes that's a good thing....... notice I said sometimes. We are friends. We get along like good friends, one minute happy in each others company and the next upset with each other. It doesn't matter. The important thing is that we do love each other. I really hope that it is a good Mother's Day for her. I called her yesterday and told her that her gift was coming next week; Lunch - her choice-my treat, an envelope with a little something in it to spend on the stuff she likes to buy and maybe some of her favourite flowers, yellow roses. Mom said that she'll be busy today with early church this morning. It seems that all the men are serving all the ladies breakfast before the service. Or as mom said, whatever the ladies had time to get ready on Saturday evening that the guys can reheat on Sunday morning. The ladies will all get a corsage at church today too. Besides me, she has six sons and another daughter to brighten up her special day too, so between phone calls and visits I have no doubt that she will have a Happy Mother's Day.

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Just Jaime said...

Ha!! The description of your shower gift made me laugh mom, seems things haven't changed too much. Grandma gave me a see-through pink negligee for my wedding... and a rhinestone studded thong. Lol!