Friday, June 06, 2008

Just be good parents.

How many hopes and fears, how many ardent wishes and anxious apprehensions are twisted together in the threads that connect the parent with the child!
By Samuel Griswold Goodrich

As mother and father of grown married children,
there are times even now,
that Hubby John and myself wish that we
could take their troubles and hurts onto ourselves.
Unfortunately, all we can do, is stand by,
with a hand out to help them up and a shoulder ready for them to cry on.
Jaime is not having a good month.
It seems that when bad news shows up on her and Mike's
doorstep it just keeps piling up and doesn't seem to want to stop.
This is when the parent in us wants to take them both in our arms and hold them there, protected against the boogie man in the dark, until the sun is shinning again.
They know we are here for them both and
that their sorrow and sadness is our sorrow and sadness.
We will think only positive thoughts
for them and also for the ones they are grieving for.
We both pray to the God we believe in
for His compassion and His peace for everyone involved.
We ask for His blessings for each person whose sorrow
has touched Jaime and Mike's inner peace.
We'll do what we do best and just be good parents.

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Just Jaime said...

Thank you mom. You really are the BEST! I love you.