Thursday, June 05, 2008

It just might save your life

I took off work today and I spent the morning in the hospital. Because I am over fifty my doctor wanted me to have a prescreen-base Colonoscopy. The procedure itself didn't hurt as I was asleep. After the procedure was done I was in the recovery room for 45 minutes or so. I did get sick but with some people this is common. Nothing to be concerned about. Then I got taken out to the car where Hubby John was waiting to drive me home.
Was I embarrassed? Yes I was, a lot! This type of thing, for me anyway, is private. It's like using a public bathroom but not wanting someone in the next stall to hear you peeing. But not having the Colonoscopy was not an option, as far as I was concerned.
In the day-surgery waiting room there were both women and men of all ages dressed alike in nightgown, housecoat and paper-booties. All were there for the same procedure. It was a very busy place. One or two would leave to have the procedure done and their seats were filled with someone new. Small talk was being made. One woman there said that she has colon cancer in her family, on both sides, and that she was in for her yearly Colonoscopy. When someone remarked that they didn't think they would want to do it on a yearly basis she replied, "Why wouldn't you? It can save your life." This was from a woman who was, maybe, thirty years old. Everyone got quiet for a moment and then an older man who looked like he was in his late seventies said "I guess the kids now days are smarter then us old people are". I had to agree with him.
If anyone reading this is over 50 and hasn't had Colonoscopy done, please talk to your doctor.
Don't think that just because Colon Cancer doesn't run in your family that it won't happen to you. It could. Just because you feel fine and don't have any symptoms doesn't mean nothings there. It is a silent cancer and can sit undetected for a long time. It is considered to be a silent killer.
You can get information about Colon Cancer symptoms at the Canadian Cancer Society site.
Please don't ignore any symptoms you may be having. Get to your doctor right away!
Hubby John and I have a very dear friend, whom I work, who's husband has colon cancer. The doctors feel it was there for a long time before the symptoms started showing up enough to cause concern. It was detected too late and he will not recover from this terrible disease.
We have another close friend whose brother is also dying from Colon cancer. In his case, he ignored the symptoms that he was having and by the time the doctors got involved it was too late for any hope of a recovery. Needless to say, that in both of these cases, family members, have all had a Colonoscopy done. In two people, polops/tumours were found and successfully removed. Both of the people involved said that having the procedure done saved their lives.
The really sad thing about Colon Cancer it that it has a 95% five-year survival rate if caught and treated in time. Five years cancer free is considered to be cured of the disease.
So please, if you are reading this, do something wonderful for yourself and your family. Go and see your doctor and ask to have a Colonoscopy done.
It's just might save your life.

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joanne wardle said...

very sound advice.
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