Sunday, June 01, 2008

"This is"... my pet

This weeks "This Is" theme is about my pet. No, not hubby John, but real animals.
Now hubby can be a real animal sometimes.
I remember the time he....,
but I digress, back to the subject at hand.
Currently we have two cats that go
by the same first name :
Oscar Big Guy Handsome Fellow
Oscar Baby Cat.
Technically they are not our cats but since possession is nine-tenths of the law, legally they're ours.
White and black, Big Guy, was adopted as a supposedly 6 week old, but in reality was a 4 week old, kitten and was given the name Oscar. Baby cat adopted almost 2 years later, was around a year old and was already answering to the name Oscar. Hence the same name for them both.
Being cats, it doesn't matter that they have the same name. Neither one comes when called, unless they want to, anyway. That's what cats do, or should I say don't do?
They are both good cats. Contrary to the popular belief of most people, in our family, BOTH cats are friendly animals. The boys are indoor cats. Baby Cat will sneak out when he finds the screen door unlocked and is usually found underneath the back deck or laying, stoned, in the catnip patch in the side garden, and is quickly lugged back into the house. Big Guy shows no desire to go outside to the great outdoors and is content to watch his partner in crime escape. Oscar and Oscar are both a bit overweight, but then so are hubby and I, so who are we to point fingers? Big Guy Oscar tends to be very quiet. He rarely makes any noise even if hungry or thirsty. He will just sit there patiently until you notice him. He is a bit stand-offish with people he doesn't know and rarely comes into the room when company is visiting. He tends to bite people he doesn't like or those who piss him off, look at him, talk to him or breath the same air he does. He is not fond of being petted and hates anyone trying to touch his feet or his back by the tail. He does love having his ears scratched. He eats anything sweet and will always show up when ice-cream, cake or dessert is being served. He doesn't eat people food unless it's sweet. He will come running and will meow in concern when hubby John coughs. He really is hubby's cat.
Baby Cat is the complete opposite and loves everyone. He loves to be petted and scratched (except for his ears). He never shuts up and is always meowing about something. He is a stress eater and goes to his food dish if you are yelling at him or he thinks you are about to yell at him or if he thinks that your thinking of yelling at him. Baby Cat takes great delight in trying to trip you,with a paw-sweep, whenever you walk past him. He thinks he's being cute. We keep telling him different but he doesn't listen. But then why would he? He's a cat.
Thanks to Two Peas In A Pod for this weeks, great "This Is....", theme.


Two Peas In a Pod said...

Ah, they are so cute. It is crazy to think cats have their own likes and dislikes. They really are their own cat :) Thanks for playing this week.
Cheers Kyla

tanzi said...

I'm proud to say that during my time as "cat keeper" I became tight with these guys. They may give me the cold shoulder these days when I stop over, but that's just b/c they don't want their rightful owners to feel jealous...