Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Very Happy Mommie & Daddy

Our daughter Jaime, is going to be a teacher.
She is currently, an intervener for deaf -blind persons and works for a local school board.
She has, for the last four years, been working full time and going to university with a full time course schedule as well. All of her very hard work has paid off. She graduates from university in June of this year and will start teachers college in August.
Jaime had decided to apply to the local teachers college and the teachers college in Buffalo.
The college here in town gets a lot of applicants but accepts very few. Of the 2800 people that applied for the course in 2007, only 70 were accepted. The numbers were almost the same this year.
The college in Buffalo takes a larger number of applicants and has a "weekends" course that allows successful applicants to continue to work at a full time job during the week and attend college on Saturdays and Sundays.
A very intense course and not for the faint hearted. It would be a two and a half hour drive to Buffalo every Friday, and back again on Sunday for the next year.
The fact that Jaime would have to to drive to Buffalo during bad weather and over the winter has had us very worried. The fact that Jaime was only one of hundreds applying for the local course was also very worrying.

Jaime got really great news today.
She was accepted at the local teachers college here in town.
To all the family and friends who had positive thoughts, remembered Jaime in their prayers and crossed fingers, toes and everything else that was cross-able, we would like to say "THANK YOU"!

We are, a very happy mommie and daddy! :) :)


three buttons said...

What an exciting time for your daughter!! And what a godsend she doesn't have to drive two and a half hours every Friday!!

I've added your blog to our 'This is...' blog roll! : )

Just Jaime said...

Aww thanks mom! I am still having a hard time believing that my dream has come true, I don't think my feet have touched the ground since I opened up that letter. Thanks for believing in me mom! Woo hoo!!

tanzi said...

I'm glad that I can finally uncross all of those body parts--I was starting to cramp up!
Amazing. Truly. And so well-deserved!!!