Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Indoor Pools

My Tuesday started with water and ended with water.
I had a doctors appointment this morning and I was rushing as usual.
I had a shower in the basement bathroom and when I came out of the bathroom I stepped in something wet. I was not impressed. I thought one of my kitties had had an accident.
No, I couldn't be so lucky. It seems with all the rain we've had in the last few weeks, and the warmer weather melting the snow, that the ground is saturated with water. Water will, as you know, follow the path of least resistance and it seems that the path leads into our basement. We had an small puddle of water where we shouldn't have had one. I grabbed a few bath towels, threw them down on the floor and thought I would deal with the problem later. Hubby John, was coming down the stairs as I was going up. I mentioned in passing that we had water in the basement. He agreed with me that it could wait till later. Three minutes later I was heading out the front door and John followed shortly after.
Well, it seems that me putting the towel down was not a good idea. How was I supposed to know it would block the water from flowing over to the floor drain?
Anyways, when we got home tonight it was to a flooded basement. The little puddle had turned into two pools. Both the rec room, the work/laundry side and the fruit cellar were wet. The first two rooms are very, very wet. We have indoor pools whether we want them or not.
Hubby John and I spent the evening vacuuming up water and moving stuff.
Lots of stuff....lots of fun.
Our two kitties sat on the steps and complained about having to go through water to get to the food dishes and litter boxes. I moved their food dishes up on the bottom landing so they could eat with dry feet. Hubby threatened to suck them up with the vacuum and drown them. The kitties were smart enough to eat and hide. Hubby will try to rent some heavy duty blowers tomorrow so we can try to dry out the carpet in the rec room.
After four hours of draining, vacuuming and sponging up water we went into the outdodor hot tub to soak tired muscles. Then into the shower to get rinsed off. Hubby is now downstairs vacuuming again trying to get rid of more of the water. Tomorrow night and probably the night after that, we get to do this all over and over again.
I am afraid that this problem will last more than a few days.
So that is how my Tuesday started wet and ended wet.
Having unwanted indoor pools is not fun.


Just Jaime said...

Oh no!! That's brutal mom. You should have called, I could have come over and helped you clean up. Let me know if I can lend a hand this evening...

tanzi said...

"...water water everywhere and not a drop to drink."

:( Hang in there, Mrs. S!