Sunday, April 06, 2008

My Hip-Waders Thank You!

All aboard for Bombay,
All aboard for Rome!
Leave your little sisters,
And your loving aunts at home.
Bring a bit of bailing wire,
A pocketful of nails,
And half a dozen
For every man that sails.
Tell Terry Tagg,
when you go by,
Be sure to bring his dog.
All aboard for Bombay
On a floating cedar log!
Leroy F. Jackson

If you ever want to know how strong your marriage is, put in a couple of pools where there shouldn't be any. It is a situation that could drive a body to drink.....and I don't mean water.
Our two indoor pools have dwindled down to one puddle.
We can now see cement where a few days ago we could only see wall to wall water. With a basement full of water we had to dive right into the problem.
The first course of action taken was to move all the stuff out of the basement.
My living room, for the time being, is now a storage area for most of the junk from downstairs.
After what I am sure was more than a thousand trips, at least that's what is seemed like, mostly everything from downstairs got moved upstairs.
We could not rescue the wall to wall carpet.
It had to be ripped up and taken out.
We did however, manage to save the pool table, pun intended.
My back, at this point, is not a happy camper,
but my legs are in great shape and they are ready
for the aerobic-step classes that I am starting on Monday.
Hubby John had to go to work on Saturday but my
daughter Jaime, was terrific and came over to help me carry the heavy stuff up and out.
Jaime should have been at home studying for an
upcoming final exam but ditched that to help me instead.
People called with offerings of help and advise and
much needed murmurings of sympathy for our dilemma.
All that hard work didn't go down the drain.
There is only one spot left in the basement where
the water is still coming in and unfortunately
there is nothing we can do about it at this time.
We can only wait for the ground to thaw....quickly we hope.
They are calling for warm weather this week
so we'll just have to
"go with the flow and wait and sea".


Thank you to my hubby John, for not divorcing me or murdering me and stuffing my body into the clean out drain or in the rolled up carpet that got carted off to the dump.
John, you had your chance and you blew it. Now your stuck with me.
Thank you to my daughter Jaime for all the hard work you did. I know that I wouldn't have gotten that stuff moved without you. Jaime, I hope you ace that exam because I'll feel guilty as hell if you don't.
Thank you to Mike for putting up with any of Jaime's totally earned complaints about her back, legs, lungs and about the studying she should have gotten done but didn't.
Thank you to John V. and Sarah for the loan of the dehumidifier. I know you use it all the time and it is great of you to save us the expense of buying one by letting us use yours for as long as we need it. Thanks for dropping it off and saving us a trip over to get it.
Thank you Neve, my cutie-patootie, for making Papa laugh and keeping him in a good mood.
That really helped him....and me.
Thank you to friends and extended family who gave offers of help, advise and a shoulder to cry on.
Thank you to family who helped us to have a de-stressing, relaxing Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, with great company, good food,
and lots of laughs, when we took time away from our pool cleaning efforts, for a well deserved break.
It is at times like this that you truly appreciate how great your family and friends really are.

To all of you, from the bottom of my hip waders,

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