Monday, April 07, 2008

Just Me

As busy as I have been for the last forty years or so, I love to take time, when I can, to do "Happy Crafting" and "Just-Me" stuff". This is stuff that is totally selfish on my part. It has nothing to do with the hubby, the house, the kids, the cutie-patootie, my mother or siblings, in-laws, out-laws, friends, family, neighbours, co-workers, or anyone or anybody else.
It is stuff that I like to do.

Just me, myself and I.
Hubby John, rolls his eyes and gets this glazed look on his face when I ask if he would like to come along. So I don't ask him anymore. I leave him with his book, TV and lazy-boy chair and off I go to whatever store takes my fancy.
Often for my "Just-Me"stuff" or "Happy Crafting" I will, on a Sunday afternoon, take an hour or three or four and go to the dollar store or Michael's and just look at the neat stuff that they have for you to buy.

Were you aware of the fact that Michael's sells scotch tape with designs on it? I found some last time I was there.
My trick is to make sure I have twenty dollars or less in my account. That is how I limit my spending. Or I take cash with me and I leave my debit card at home. I don't have a credit card. At Michael's, if you don't have a store savings coupon with you, ask them about it when you go to cash out. They will give you any current discount that they have available.
That is one reason that I really like Michael's!
At the dollar store or Michael's, I can spend a whole afternoon just going up and down aisles looking at craft stuff and getting ideas and saying.... mostly to myself..."I can do that", or, "Huh, are they nuts? I can make it better for a lot less!"
I turn things upside down and over and around to find out how they made it and then I tuck that information into my little brain for future reference. With luck I will remember it later on.
B.T.W., if daughters Jaime or Sarah are reading this, let me know if you want me to call you next time I go out "Happy-Crafting". You're both more than welcome to come along anytime. We don't have to talk to each other or browse together in the store if you don't want to. After all it will be your "Just-Me" time too.

Lately however, I have been staying home and playing on my computer. Not playing really, just browsing. I have been reading other peoples blogs and going onto sites they recommend or reading blogs that they have read and found amusing or interesting.
I cannot get over what is out there in cyberspace.

People are sooooo talented!!!
I have also been checking out EBay and getting a few really, really great buys.

Thank you to hubby John for helping me with the auctions. You have been great!
These buys consist of crafty stuff to use on my hand-made cards. Also, new dies for my Sizzix Die Cutter that the kids bought me for Christmas. (I was soooo happy when I opened that gift!)
Anyway, all of this perusing and buying takes more time than I really have to spare so I have to start limiting my "Just Me" time to a few hours rather than whole weekends.
Yeah right......really, I am going to try to get my act together and try to stay away from the computer.....really....I mean it......well, .........I'll try..........for now.....well, not right this minute....
Right now I am going to sign off. On Sunday I went to a new (for me) liquidation store and dollar store in Ingersoll and I bought some new craft stuff that I want to gloat over.

There was only one downfall about my Sunday,....they didn't have a Michael's.
To everyone this is "Just Me" wishing you "Happy Crafting".


Just Jaime said...

I haven't been out craft store browsing in quite some time mom, we should make a date when you return from your trip!

Lois said...

OUCH.....STOP TWISTING MY ARM....hee...hee....hee...
Consider it a date.
See you when we get back.
Love Mom