Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Moon in Taurus
Apr 6, 2008 to Apr 8, 2008
It's a steady and grounded Taurus Moon. Not a day for roller coasters, airborne, screaming with delight. Or is it? Indulge in the sheer pleasure of being here, adored by gravity, earth's invisible embrace. Enjoy your weight. Roll in a newly mowed lawn. Celebrate your voice: shout, sing or whisper in someones ear. Then drink a soothing tea for the thyroid and throat. You might be feeling a desire for more comfort and security now. Taurus says your prosperity takes organic gardening. Nothing greedy or toxic, just planning, patience, true nourishment, your bills paid in full, a surplus in your checking account and honoring the ways in which you're already wealthy. If your neck or jaw is stiff, ask yourself, "What am I resisting?" This Moon makes it easy to feel stubborn. But in a changing world, such strength can sometimes defeat itself.
Don't try to move immovable objects.

by Dana Gerhardt

When I read this today,
especially the sentence "Enjoy your weight",
I thought to myself that maybe I shouldn't go
to the trial class of kickboxing aerobics tonight.
Maybe someone is trying to tell me something.
I got this "Moon Over Taurus" blurb off the
Google Horoscope page.
It is uncanny how it describes me.
I think I'll go have my tea now.

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