Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'll See You At The Gym.

My Gram's was right when she used to tell me that one of these days those hamburgers that I liked so much as a younger woman, would come back to haunt me. The weight was so delicious and so easy to put on. It's a lot harder taking it off. I am trying to get my weight under control by eating healthy. That is not to say I don't slip back into my unhealthy eating habits once in a while. That's OK as long as I don't do it all the time. I am losing weight, albeit slowly, and that's OK too. I know that my new eating habits have to be a life choice. I am also exercising on a regular basis. This is, for me, a big step (no pun intended). I am a bit of a couch potato. Not that I want to watch TV all the time, but I would rather read a good book, fool around on the computer or work on my craft projects rather than going out and bursting a lung while trying to keep up a less sedate lifestyle. Hubby John, has been great with his support and dutifully reminds me not to touch the chocolate stuff when I get the munchies. He encourages me to go to my kickboxing aerobic classes and out for walks when I try to talk myself out of doing any exercising. He eats all the veggies and salads that I make for meals without complaint. John is doing what a good hubby should do. He is being supportive of my efforts and I thank him for that.
John Vincent, son extraordinaire, got started on the lifestyle change before I did. He has done a terrific job with losing weight by working out on the Judo mat on a regular basis while supporting new eating habits. No more french fries and root beer. Sarah, his wife, has always eaten healthy and she has now on the exercise circuit too. Good for you Sarah! My daughter Jaime has also begun a regular regime of exercising. She and her hubby Mike have always tended to eat healthy meals and Mike is very active in basket ball, volley ball and biking.
Neve, my cutie-patootie, does not need to worry about her weight. She goes to swim and ballet lessons on a weekly basis, and just being a regular, very active three year old keeps her healthy.
I have to keep up my hard work and healthy eating as my goal is to dance at Neve's wedding someday. So until then I'll keep on track and I'll see you at the gym.

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Just Jaime said...

I'm proud of you mom! You're working awfully hard and by taking steps at your own pace to change habits you're accomplishing your goal. Three cheers for you!