Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Neve, my three year old cutie-patootie, had to have three cavities repaired. The decay happened because of her birth beginnings in a land far away. That is where she was nurtured for us by others, until we could bring her home to her forever family. It is the norm in that country to feed orphanage babies very bland rice formula and a type of rice cereal/gruel called congee. Sugar and sweet syrups are added to the formula and cereal to make it more palatable for the babies. They eat more and fuss less. Unfortunately, this practice causes early tooth decay in the some of children and one of them happen to be Neve.
On advise from their family dentist, Mommy and daddy took her to a child dental specialist to care for the baby teeth in question. They tested nitros oxide on Neve but it did not work correctly on her. It was then decided then that the best course for her would be to administer a general anesthetic. Both mommy and daddy would have to be there. One to drive home and the other to sit in the back seat with the patient. These were the dentists instructions. Not an issue to worry about. Both mommy and daddy booked the future day off work with their employers. The big event was to be done in a few months time. No Problem!
Insert Murphy's Law here.
Saturday, Daddy left for the USA on a work trip that had been planned and booked for the last few months.
Monday the dental office called and announced that they had moved Neve's appointment Tuesday.
Mommy Sarah, quickly rearranged her schedule and then she called Papa John who rearranged his work schedule to be a substitute driver for Daddy.
Neve did what she does best and danced around in her fairy princess dress. She was not worried in the least.
Meanwhile, mommy, daddy (by phone and email), papa, grammie, Aunt Jaime, Uncle Mike and others who knew about the change in plans, were, of course, concerned with the upcoming dental surgery. We need not have worried.
Neve sailed through the procedure, got home, slept, ate jello, threw up the jello and slept more. Apparently she woke up this morning barking like the puppy she likes to pretend she is. Mommy knew as soon as she heard the first bark that Neve, my cutie-patootie, was OK! Hopefully, there will be no more cavities and we won't have to go through this again.
If we do, I think I will ask the dentist to give us the anaesthesia too so that instead of worries we can all have sweet dreams.

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Twisted Stitchers said...

Glad to hear that Neve is doing better. We went through the dental work last year with Gabriel and I know exactly the anxiety that everyone was feeling. Gabriel fought taking the anesthetic till the last second. He yelled while pushing away the dentist "I'm not going to breathe! I'm not going to breathe!" Then he took a big involuntary breath and promptly fell asleep.

Kids bounce back so fast!