Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's About Time

My daughter Jaime is a beautiful,smart and intelligent young woman who has her own blog. I love to go onto it and read what she has been up to. That way I can be more involved with her without being a creeper mom. You know what I mean by that don't you? They are the kind of mom that hang on and want to be part of every single minute and hour of their childrens lives and don't want to let go. Jaime has my sense of humour and she does me proud. Thank goodness she got her legs from her father's side of the family. My side, except for my only sister Alison who took after my dads side, tends to have short legs. It's all my moms fault that I take after her side in the leg department.
Well her side on her fathers side. Her mother, my grams who I totally adore and miss so much even after all these years, had short legs. In fact she was short all over from top to bottom but not from side to side. So that is why I think the short leg problem came from my mom's, moms side.
Do you see what happens when I get started? I get side-tracked really easily.
....sigh......all for the want of long legs... it is one of my few disappointments in life.....sigh......except for my toes and I will leave that for another time...
Anyway, it was Jaime's idea that I should start a blog of my own. It seems I have lots to say and I suppose this is a good way to say it. So I decided it was time to take the plunge and start blogging. I know Jaime will be the first to's about time.


Just Jaime said...

It's about time. ;)

Geesh after reading your description I better thank you for keeping your legs to yourself mom. Although if you ask me they're great legs worth sharing. :) I'm sure dad would agree.

Who do I have to thank for my broad back?

Lois Storozuk said...

I think that you may get that from Nana's side or possible from my Dad's side. My dad's mom was a very large woman. She wasn't fat but she was big boned. Nana had a large body frame even in pics of her in her younger years.
Who knows?

Papa John said...

You did a great Job Baldy. I don't think there is any thing wrong with your short legs and even your hairy toes :)
Jaime you get your backside from my Dad's side. All your great Aunts are built that way even Baba which you never met.
Any way great Job lois.
Love you also, forever and always.

Lois Storozuk said...

We need to clear something up here.
I was talking "back" as in the back where the spine is located.
Dad is talking "back" as in backside aka butt. The Mommie never meant to imply that anyone on anyone's side has a wide butt.
As for the Dad, I cannot speak for him.

Just Jaime said...

HA! I knew what you meant mom... as for dad I think he just implied that I have a fat ass! ;)

Good thing I barely have a butt at all or I might have hurt feelings!

too funny