Sunday, March 16, 2008

Days when you just want to say. "It was a good one!"

Sunday is one of my favourite days.
Lazy, lazy, lazy,
do nothing
or something
or nothing,
munch, munch, munch,
and then munch some more,
don't answer the phone,
until you hear who's calling,
and then answer or not,
read a good book, or not,
watch a good movie, or not
snooze, snooze snooze,
wake up and punch the cushion
into a more comfortable shape,
and then snooze some more,
think of doing something,
then don't,
think of doing some more,
and still don't,
eating any form,
or not.....
drinking hot any form,
or not.....
just thoroughly doing whatever you want to....
or not.
This is how I usually spend my Sundays......
Today, however, was extra special because I got to spend
some of it with my wonderful hubby and 2 very special girls in our lives.
One birth daughter, Jaime and one choice daughter, Jen.
Look at the picture of them both at Jaime's wedding in Mexico, 2007.
You'll understand why we are so proud of them both and love
to spend time with them whenever we can.
We brunched together and talked, and talked and talked.
Jaime lives 10 minutes away, Jen lives an ocean away.
We don't see Jen often enough and when she is here her
birth family has the nerve to want to spend time with her,
as do her other friends.
Alas, we don't get to hog her to ourselves.
So she is always rushing here and there and everywhere.
We take whatever time we can get and enjoy it.
Maybe if we are lucky we will see her before she goes back
to the ocean and her ship sails on.
Jen, we love you....stay safe.
Your other mom and dad.

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Just Jaime said...

I'm the luckiest girl alive to have a family that opens its arms and heart to everyone and anyone who deserves it... and Jenny certainly does deserve all the love that is sent her way!