Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Do-Nothing Saturday

Saturday's child works hard for a living....
from child's poem Monday's Child

Origins of the name......
The day, Saturday, was named, for the planet Saturn
which controlled the first hour of every day.
This was according to Vettius Valens,
who was a second century astrologer.
The planet Saturn,
was named for the Roman mythology god of agriculture, Saturn.
It has been called ''dies Saturni'' ("Saturn's Day"),
through which from it entered into Old English
as ''Sæternesdæg'' and gradually evolved
into the word "Saturday".

Did you know???
The colour purple represents Saturday,in Thai culture.

For me and my hubby, John, a free Saturday is an adventure day.
Most weekends throughout the year, we have our
Saturdays booked, for various events, many weeks in advance.
It is rare that we get a free Saturday.
For those of you who are thinking..."your choice", you are correct.
Our lack of free Saturdays is our choice.
We have been blessed with a very large number of
family, extended family and friends.
We usually spend part of our Saturdays with some or all of them,
This is something we consider ourselves lucky to be able to do.
So, I am not complaining about busy Saturdays,
I am just stating the fact that we have, by choice, busy Saturdays.
Today, there are 2 things we should be doing....
please notice the word "should".
We have decided, however, that this Saturday,
what we should do, is not what we are going to do.
We are going to be absolutely
100% self-indulgent, greedy and socially incorrect
and grab this beautiful, sunny Saturday
as a "do whatever we want to do" day.
What will we be doing?
We don't know yet.
Right now, I am multitasking.
I am in the office writing my blog, while making tea in the kitchen
and doing laundry in the basement.
John, my hubby, is busy working on his company books so his
accountant, Audrey, who is a wonder-woman,
doesn't end up this year, again, with only
a few day to file the company income tax.
We will work a few hours and then
we will be off and running....or not.
We will wait and see and take things as they go.
The nice thing about having no plans...
is having no plans.
To all who are reading this post today,
I wish you a Happy Saturday
and if this Saturday has past by the time you
read my post, then I hope you had a happy one.

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