Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easier To Put It On Than Take It Off

I have taken up Pilate's.
I go faithfully once a week, on Wednesday night,
with my daughter Jaime and do a Pilate's workout.
If you ever went by the window of our class you would see a
bunch of women and at least one man,
laying on their sides, backs or stomachs
moving their legs and arms, up, down, over and around.
Now, I am not are not talking about large movements.
There are no instructors yelling above loud music,
yelling at us to work it....work it....work it....
There are no skimpy outfits that show more skin and body parts
than is nescssary...anywhere....at any time.
There is no sweat dripping down exposed skin.
To a passerby we look very peaceful.....boring even....
as we lift our leg and foot...one inch off the ground
and rotate them in slow, controlled, tight circles.
To a passerby the class would look totally benign
Too bad those same passersby' couldn't see me
crawl out of bed the next day.
My abs feel like they had a baseball bat attack them.
My hamstrings protest the motion of leg movement.....of any kind....
My upper arms tell me that using the computer at work is
My whole body is letting me know what it thinks of that weekly workout.
Who would think that those slow, precise, movements
could make me feel the way I do the day after a class?
I surly did not!
I am tired after every class.
On the plus side.....is there a plus-side? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
oh sorry I drifted off there for a moment...
I told you I'm tired after class and
I just came from one.
Where was I? Oh yeah, plus side!
The plus side is that I love Pilate's.
Every part of my body gets stretched which is
great as I sit at a computer all day.
I get a good workout.
I look forward to the next class.
I really do enjoy the torture.
I am, I hope, slowly and I mean very slowly,
getting my body into better shape than when I started.
It will take time to get into better physical shape than
I have been for a long while.
It is no ones fault but my own.
I would pat my own back but as I said,I just came from class
and can't get my arm up high enough right now.
I think all my muscles are on strike.
I will continue with my Pilate's class as I really enjoy it.
I know that it will take time to get physically fit and loose the weight.
They say it is "easier to put on than take off......
and that is true, but I am trying.


jstorozuk said...

And now you need to graduate to 2 nights of class at home too, 3x as fast.

Lois said...

baby steps...ok...?

Just Jaime said...

Slow and steady wins the race in Pilates dad! ;)

You're doing awesome mom, I'm really proud of you - you push yourself through the entire class which is fabulous. I'm so happy we found something we both love doing - it's our guaranteed one evening together each week and I always look forward to it!

Baby steps is right, you'll get where you want to be by slowing making your way there as you're doing now! :) Keep it up mom!

jstorozuk said...

Baby steps smaby steps :)

Mom, you know I love you and want you to be around for a long time. Per our conversation this evening it scares me to think otherwise. This is a start but yes 2 or 3 days is where I want to see you go, lets keep you around for your grandkids.

love you.


Lois said...

I agree. When do we sign up for the step classes at B.Centre?
I am going to a sample kickboxing class on Apr.8 (it's a no charge) with Sarah, to see if I like it, BUT if I join that I wouldn't start until later this year at the next session.

Just Jaime said...

Oh that was John, not dad OOPS.
Best results in Pilates are through slow movements bro.

Mom classes start the week of the 7th (next week). Can you do Monday evening step class at 630pm or do you have ceramics? The other option is Thursday evening cross training class - what's your preference? We'll sign up this week.