Friday, July 24, 2015


Gosh, I cannot believe how fast summer is flying by.  It seems it was just spring and here we are almost at the end of a hot July.  Not that I am complaining. I can always find a spot of shade somewhere in the great outdoors.  The grandbabies have been enjoying the pool with Hubby John.  Neve, who is ten already, is such a big help with Kian who is five and Ronan who is two and a half.   Kian tends to be a bit shy of anything, including the pool.  Ronan is like a bull in a china shop. Plows right in and beware of anything or anyone in his way.  Neve takes both of the boys in hand and works her magic and charm on the two of them.  Hubby John, says he is more of a lifeguard when Neve is around because both boys ignored him and swarm around Neve.  Poor HJ!  LOL!  Between swims HJ and myself ( I watch I rarely swim) have been puttering around the yard doing one project or another but somehow the  "TO DO " list just keeps growing rather than shrinking.  I haven't figured it out yet but I am thinking our brains are coming up with ideas faster than these old bodies can come up with the energy needed to complete the projects.  Ahhh, not to worry though, everything will get done eventually.  If not now than maybe next summer.

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Jessica Rodarte said...

To do lists only seems to grow! ;) I hope you get some things done, but mostly, I hope you have a peaceful and memorable summer. :)