Friday, February 11, 2011

Tolen Treasures Tutorial

I have always wanted to do Tole Painting. Unfortunately, paint, brushes and I do not get along very well. I always tend to overload the brush and get paint everywhere but where it is suppose to go. My technique applies to all types of painting....exterior house, interior house, crafts or doesn't matter....paint and I are not friends. This being said, I was and still am amazed that I could work with ceramics and have my painted and stained pieces come out looking so nice. I do miss working with ceramic pieces. It was one art form that I was good at, even if I do say so myself. I have a few boxes of bisque pieces packed away, waiting for me to take up my brushes again and hopefully I will get to working on some of them this year. As for Tole painting I have, for years admired anyone who could do it. Judy, my ceramics teacher did beautiful Tole work. I loved it when she would bring a piece to class to let us see what she was working on. I miss my ceramic classes with her and I miss seeing her latest art projects, be it ceramics, making beads, working with glass or tole or oil painting. Judy you are one very multi-talented lady and I miss working with you.
With Tole painting, I love the way the colour gets blended and played with to give depth and a 3D quality to the piece that is painted. I really do enjoy looking at that art form. For the past few years I have been following a blog written by a lovely lady named Cathy. It is called Tolen Treasures and it is on my list of "Blogs that make me go Ohhhhhh". I love Cathy's work. She is such a talented artist. I enjoy reading all about her hectic life as a woman, wife, mother and grandmother and I love it when she posts pictures of projects that she has done or is doing. ROCK! Cathy has posted a "HOW TO" project on her blogs side bar. If you go here you will get a tutorial on tole painting a Chalk Message Board. That is one project that I am definitely going to try to do this year. There is also a tutorial on a Snowman Board that is another project that I am keeping in mind for this year. I can hardly wait for summer to come. I have to wait till then to try any painting because me and paint do best outside. It keeps Hubby John happy too that way. So go and grab a cup of tea or coffee and drop by and take a look at the tutorial. Then sit back and take a few minutes to read what Cathy has been up to in her hectic life. I promise that you will enjoy every minute of reading her blog.
By the way, don't forget to let Cathy know you dropped by and tell her that Lois sent you.


Tolentreasures said...

Thanks so much, Lois. I am sitting here after 11, having just slept the evening away in my chair, thought that since I am now awake for the next 5 hours, I would catch up on my blogs and was I ever surprised to see this! Such nice words, can't wait to see your painting!


Laurie said...

Hi Lois! I too follow Cathy, and am always amazed at her work. Her tutorials always make it look so easy, it's my goal at some point this year to attempt a couple of them. Show your results when you do ok?

Lois said...

Hey Cathy!
I do the same thing. Once I hit my couch I am out for a few hours and then am wide awake when I should be sleeping. LOL!
Hello Laurie!
Thank you also, for dropping by.
I have been wanting to do tole painting for forever but haven't yet. Hopefully this year for sure. Make sure you post your end result(s) when/if you do any projects this year too. Please and thank you!