Saturday, February 19, 2011

Glass Beads.

Another one of my favourite "Blogs that make me go Ohhh...." is called
"Women, Art, Life, Weaving It all Together". Tammy Vitale who posts this blog is a talented artist extraordinaire. Tammy's was one of the blogs that I stumbled upon when I took my first tentative steps into cyber space and I have been reading her posts ever since.
Over the past 6 months or so I have been neglectful in reading my fave blogs and I have missed what everyone has been up to. When I went over to Tammy's space I found out that she has been busy working with beads, something that she has been keen on for quite a long time. Tammy posted about a site, called where you can get beads....lots and lots of beads... NOT FAIR!!! It's like the comment that I left Tammy on her post: now I have another site to drool over......So many beads and no money....SIGH! This just gives me something to look forward to. One day I shall have money and will order beads, lots and lots of beads! SIGH!!!!!!
Anyway, when you have a few minutes or a half hour or so...stop by and say hi to Tammy. Tell her Lois sent you. Take a few minutes to browse her posts, both old and new. Then go over to here and see all the lovely beads. I only ask one thing....if you decide to buy any of those beautiful glass beads please save a few for me. Cause one of these days I want to get some too.
P.S. Don't mind if the beads look a little wet. It's just my drool. Not to worry though...I've had all my shots.

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