Saturday, September 18, 2010 and almost gone.

I can't believe that half of September is gone already.
How can that be?
I am not done with summer yet!
It's true!
I haven't had enough time with either Cutie Patootie Neve or Mr. B. Kian.
Where have all the days gone?
I didn't even get around to buying or planting any marigolds or snapdragons in my deck planters this year. It has been way too hot to work outside and besides I have been, as always, too tired once I drag my butt home at the end of the day, to do anything more than make supper and sleep. I was only in the pool 2 or maybe 3 times at the most this summer. It has flown by way too fast!
Sigh.......and now it's done and gone and we have moved into autumn. The good thing is, the cooler weather, the lovely fall colours that have already started in our area and the abundance of root veggies. Can you tell that I love squash? Yummy! So hopefully my lagging energy will return and I can get down to some serious blogging and house cleaning. Both have suffered since the spring. The bad thing is that we are getting closer to the snow season. Well, bad if you don't like winter. I don't mind it so it really isn't so bad for me, but like I said, to those who don't like winter the end of summer must really suck!
I am looking forward to the end of September only because we are going camping up in Algonquin Park for a few days. Ahhhh......nothing but trees with pretty leaves and the odd moose (if we are lucky) and cute little chipmunks running here and there.Reading a good book or two and going biking around the nature trails. Nighttime will bring out the raccoons but we have learned from experience to leave nothing outside. Everything gets packed into the back of the van for the night and that discourages those cute little pests from hanging around our camper for too long. Once year Hubby John had a pack of wolves run by him while he was out in the early wee hours of the morning answering natures call. He said it very unnerving and I don't think he cares to repeat that incident again. There is never a dull moment when we go camping that's for sure! We both enjoy it very much and are looking forward to those few days away. But for now the farthest I am going is to the couch in the family room where I plan to lay down and play with my IPad (A gift from HJ. He won it from Giant Tiger. How cool is that?) while HJ and CP watch a Barbie Princess movie. Geese.....I don't know if I can stand this much excitement, at night, at my age. No wonder I'm tired all the time....LOL!

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