Saturday, August 21, 2010

We would have had them first.

Hubby John and I were lucky enough to have my Cutie-Patootie Neve, sleep over last night. Her mom and dad were going on an overnight trip to celebrate their anniversary which is coming up this week. After mommy dropped Neve off, the three of us went out to do a bit of shopping at Walmart and the dollar store and then went over to one of our favourite restaurants for supper. Except for the chicken dumpling soup, which is always good, the rest of the meal was quite disappointing. We haven't been there for a few months and I was so looking forward to a good meal. I was not happy with it, but the three of us did enjoy the soup anyway. We went straight home after the restaurant. Neve had gotten a new Hannah Montanna CD so that was put in for her to watch before bedtime. We were all falling asleep early and shortly after nine PM I declared it to be bedtime. Neve didn't even argue. We were all that tired. Saturday morning everyone was up and out of bed shortly after 9AM. Hubby John made a good breakfast for all of us and then off we went to buy Neve's mommy and daddy an anniversary present from her. Neve wanted to buy them each a picture frame, but not the same one. I have no idea where she came up with this choice. She picked out two very nice frames and then she got a sparkly rose that unzipped to become a shopping bag for mom and some mixed nuts for her dad. When we got home she printed a note to go in the card. Hubby John and Neve went into the hot tub for a few hours while I washed and blow dried her dog, Charlie (we were dog sitting too). He had jumped into the hot tub when they were not looking and he smelt like wet dog......which I hate. So I gave him a bath and then read for a bit while watching my Hubby and Cutie-Patootie get all wrinkly from the water. When they were all done and HJ declared the hot tub closed, I whisked CP into the house for a shower and hair washing. Then the three of us snuggled down with the newest Barbie movie, which was an excuse for Hubby John and myself to take turns dozing and for Neve to have some quiet time. Neve's mommy and daddy were home around 6:30 to pick up the dogs and the Cutie Patootie. She presented them with the gifts she had bought them, and after all the oohs and ahhhs and kisses and hugs, we all went out to W town for supper. It was our anniversary gift to them and we all enjoyed the meal very much. We all said goodbye and after more hugs and kisses, off went Hubby John and I back to KW town. far it has been a great weekend! We just love having Neve stay over, which isn't often enough for us. Grandchildren are the best! It's like Hubby John always says, if we had known grandchildren were this much fun, we would of had them first!


Marilyn said...

I agree with John. We'd have had our grands first too. Ha That is cute. Sounds like a great time by all.

Keri said...

Sooooo sweet. I just love this post. Thanks for sharing.


p.s. also thank you for the article about the sandwich in a can. appreciate your chiming in with that . very interesting.