Wednesday, August 18, 2010 Give-A-Way

I love paper. I love to work with it. I stand in stores feeling it and drooling over it. I go to speciality stores and spend too much time looking at paper. I work with paper everyday and I love when new swatch books come in. I almost swoon when full size sample sheets arrive.
I am a paper addict. Text weight, bond weight, card stock, linen finish, satin finish, which colour of the rainbow to pick....oh so many, many decisions to be made when you work with paper.
One of my favourite things to do at home, is to go to and browse through their on-line store and make wish lists. Someday, when I have lots of money, I am going to go crazy buying as much stock in as many colours as I want to. Sigh........ that is one of my dreams.
For now, I will just enter's free give away. I won once before and oh my, I was sooooo thrilled. So I'll enter again and keep my fingers crossed. Why don't you go HERE and enter to win? You have until August 28th to enter. I hope you do and I hope you win....but I hope I win more!

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Laurie said...

What a great give away! I really hope you win Lois!