Friday, July 09, 2010

What a busy Friday.

Today was Neve day. It was my Friday off of work so I got to spend with with two of my favourite people....Hubby John and Neve. We had our Cutie-Patootie overnight, which is always a treat for us. After a very late and lazy start to our morning we went off to visit with the newest addition to our family. We has a really nice long visit there and then off we all went to the mall looking for a few items. We got the most important items on my list, chocolate from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and cheese popcorn for CP and a bag of salted buttered for Papa from Kernels. I wandered through a new shop in the mall that sold all kinds of really neat odds and ends while CP and papa grabbed a fresh squeezed OJ and a banana yogurt smoothie. A very short time later we went back out into the warm, muggy, overcast day. This was the type of weather that made you want to stay inside in the bright lights and air conditioning. We stopped and ate lunch at a brand new restaurant that had just opened on Thursday. Papa had wired this particular establishment and since we always try to patronize businesses that he does work for, it seemed like the perfect day to eat there. My goodness.....that was a very good lunch.! The coleslaw and french fries alone are worth going back for. Cutie-patootie had a child's portion of Fettuccine Alfredo and she has enough left over for another meal. Papa tried it and pronounced it to be very tasty. I took a sip of her apple juice, which turned out to be apple cider, and it was very good too! Papa and I shared a roast beef sandwich, fries, coleslaw and a Caesar salad. We had way too much food and next time we will know that this restaurant serves large portions and will adjust our orders for sure! While Papa drove the car, Neve and I walked across the street to the outlet mall. We all met in the parking lot and then went inside to the Lego store. Neve had never been there and was amazed at all the things that had been built out of lego's. Papa and Cutie-Patootie built a Lego car and ran it on a race track. The car fell apart a few times but eventually, after a few adjustments by both Neve and papa, the car did make it to the bottom of the track in one piece. It was a great way to spend a half hour or so. After the Lego store we had to make a stop at the dollar store. That is where I buy my zip lock bags and I needed to pick some up. I also picked up a Canadian flag bumper magnet that I will ship off to Switzerland next week. It is for a transplanted Canadian teacher, who orders one of the teachers plan books every year, from the company I work for. I spoke to him last week and he had asked if it would be possible for me to send him a Canadian flag decal for his new car. He has offered to pay for it but I will just send it to him as a small gift from Canada. Anyway, we left for home after Cutie-Patootie decided on a treat for herself. A pink hair extension wig with built-in hair band. You can see her a mile away when she has it on. She also got a package of stick-on earrings because Papa promised the earrings to her last time and forgot to pick them up for her and a promise is a promise right? After we got home it was time for one of the Barbie movies to be put on. Neve and Papa cuddled up in the big chair with her blanket while they watched the movie....again....for the 100Th time at least. Lucky Papa! He got to snuggle her for a good long time. They both also got a much needed nap. It was a really good day and we are all tuckered out. Cutie-Patootie will sleep good tonight for her mom and day. Gram's and Papa will sleep good tonight too!

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Laurie said...

What a great day you had Lois, grandkids have a way of wearing us out don't they!? I hope you got the needed sleep!