Thursday, July 08, 2010

A stones throw away.

I have a very low pain threshold. I get a hang nail and it's enough to make me want to take a Tylenol. Not that I whine or anything like that. I usually grit my teeth and suffer in silence until I deem myself sick enough to have to go to the hospital. This has not, thank goodness, happened very often. Hubby John, on the other hand, could cut off an arm, loose all his blood and tell me to go get him a band-aid. Needless to say he has a very high pain threshold. He is rarely sick. With that being said I must tell you what happened this week. The other day HJ and I said goodbye in the morning and off I went to work while he finished getting ready to go a job over in G town. He had casually mentioned that he had a sore back and had not had a very good night. He was feeling tired but there was nothing to raise alarms of any kind. I got into work and was checking my schedule for the day when I got a call from Hubby John who asked me to come home to take him up to GR hospital emergency. Hmmm....that call told me he was really sick. By the time I got home HJ was on the phone speaking to his doctor's office who were telling him to go to emerge. So with HJ doubled up with pain off we went to the hospital. I drove....that confirmed that he really was sick. It only takes a few minutes for us to get to the hospital. Within a hour or so HJ was in a bed, and hooked up to an IV filled with anti spasm and antibiotic medication. Thirty minutes after that he was given a shot of pain medication. HJ promptly fell asleep. After having an exam by the doctor and an ultrasound the verdict came back....probable kidney stones. A prescription for two kinds of pain meds was given and we were sent home with instructions to come back to emergency only if the pain came back and the medications didn't work. I dropped Hubby John off at home. He went to bed for the rest of the day and I went back to work. Whew.....what a whirlwind day that was! Lows and highs....Good and bad. The low part was how fast it happened....the high part was how fast it was over. The bad thing.....Hubby John was really, really sick.....the good thing .....Hubby John is now all better.......the best thing was only a stones throw away.....kidney stones that is.


Laurie said...

Wow Lois, I would have been really nervous knowing that it had to be something. My husband is the same way, so when he says let's go, I know it's serious, and that puts me into a tailspin. Hiding it is the hard thing. Thank God your hubby is ok, the miracles of modern medicine!

Tolentreasures said...

Oh my, I feel his pain! I have had them and that is terrible pain. One of the three worse pains in my life, labor, kidney stones and a stingray sting. Not sure which one was the worst.