Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who Wants To Do Housework?

I was eating my lunch at work today and trying to figure out when I will do my housework this week. I thought that maybe I would do it Friday on my day off but the Cutie-Patootie will be here and I would much rather spend time with her. I was thinking that a rock hunting expedition might be a good thing to do that day. I think that is a MUCH better plan than just doing boring old housework, don't you? The bad thing about housework is that it has to be done.....eventually. The good thing about it is that it isn't going anywhere and will be there whenever you get to it....eventually. Anyway, where I was headed with this whole post was, that while I was debating about housework and rock hunting I opened up my junk mail account and guess what? I am rich....again....! It seems that I just won the UK Lottery in the amount of a few hundred thousand pounds Stirling. So now I don't have to worry about the housework.....I'll just get a maid or a really big dumpster....that would work too wouldn't it? But right now my lunch hour is over and I am back to the grindstone. I need to type up my resignation. Oh....silly me!...I'll just hire a manservant to do it for me. I might as well spread the wealth around to the less unfortunate people. I wonder if there is a "Manservant's-Are-Us" site on the Internet? I guess I will have to go and look. Sigh.....really...with all the money I have just won you would think that my life would be so much easier wouldn't you?

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Laurie said...

Ah if it could only be true! Rent a man-servant? Win the lotto? Now that would make life perfect!