Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It Was Good While It Lasted.

Tuesday night is Neve Night. We take or pickup supper and go out to her house. The five of us, Neve, Mommy Sarah, Daddy John Vincent, Papa and Grams eat together and after supper is done Hubby John (aka Papa) and I (aka Grams) spend time with Neve (aka Sunshine Pal or Cutie-Patootie). We play a game, read or just cuddle together on the couch watching Tree House on TV or just talking about her day. Mommy and daddy take advantage of the free time to do housework or watch a favourite program on TV or whatever.
Mostly it is Papa and my Cutie-Patootie who cuddle on the couch. They are best buds and do everything together. CP completely adores her Papa. If the Cutie Patootie is even the least bit tired, Grams is a second class citizen that can only lurk around the edges waiting for the odd smile, hug or if I am really lucky, a kiss. SIGH! Sometimes it's hard being a Grams.
Well, last night I hit the buried treasure. For some reason that only a five year old can justify, Papa was on the outs with my Cutie Patootie. She decided that something he did or didn't do, while pushing her on the swing, wasn't right and that he was not to be blessed with her company for the evening.
Awww.....poor Hubby John.... hee...hee...hee....
Lucky Grams!!!!!!
Papa tromped off into the house, disappointed that his adorable granddaughter was not spending time with HIM. Poor Papa!
Now mind you, I had to work really hard to get to a level where my Cutie Patootie would actually smile for me. I still had to be the meanie Grams that she knows and loves.
The conversation went like this.
" I don't like Papa.
"Yes you do Neve, your just upset with him. You really don't "not like him. Your just upset with him at the moment."
"Papa really aggravated me Grams".
"I know he did, but he really loves you."
Yes, she really does use the word "aggrivate". Now while this conversation was taking place Neve is trying to shrug out of jacket.
"Neve, put your jacket up on your shoulders. It's chilly out here."
She turns her body so she is completly turned away from me.
" Neve, please do it now."
" NO, ...I don't want to!"
" Neve, you have two choices. You can put your jacket on, properly now.... or you go into the house."
"I am hot, I don't want it on!" (With this she proceeds to take it off completely.)
"Neve, you can be upset with me if you want to but put your coat on properly....NOW!"
The coat reluctantly got put on.
Then came the "if I don't look at you, you aren't here" stage. While that was happening I continued on chattering to her, asking her what kind of mud pie she was making, if Papa was going to get some, how Charlie, the dog, was so funny looking, and Oh!...look there is a robin on the fence. My Cutie-Patootie pointedly ignored me and continued making mud pies. After I saw the robin I asked her if she remembered the nest that the robins had started and abandoned last year. I went over underneath the deck and made a show of looking for it.
Curiosity is a great pacifier in a five year old and within minutes she was over beside me and pointing it out. I complimented her on her good eyesight and asked if she would like to see the nest. With a smile and a "Oh yes, please" my Cutie-Patootie watched while I eased the nest down. The next half hour was spent answering questions:
Why did the mommy robin leave the nest?
Because there were too many little girls, dogs and grownups coming and going all the time and getting too close to the nest.
How did the mommy take the egg with her?
There were no eggs.
How did she get it to go like this?
Well, see where she started at the bottom with mud? She how she built it up and then took twigs and grass and string and more mud and wove them all together? Then she just kept adding more and more until she had it just right. Dooesnt't it look just like she braided everything together? But see how smooth the bottom is and how round the sides are? Then the robin took really soft grass and put it inside the nest so when the eggs were ready to come out of her they wouldn't break.
Won't she use this nest again this year?
No, she'll make a new one somewhere else.
Grams' I wish she would make another one here.
Well maybe some year when your bigger and the dogs are more quiet she might.
I would like that Grams.
So would I Cutie-Patootie.
Grams, can I go see Papa now?
Of course you can. was good while it lasted.


Tolentreasures said...

What a cute post. She sounds like so much fun. I get jealous though if the kids want Papa too much. Is that wrong?


Laurie said...

Loved this post Lois! Kids can be so unpredictable, so I'm glad you got some special time with her too!

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tanzi said...

Lovely post and gramma-Cutie moment. :)