Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas came early. Thank you Wanda!

A few weeks ago I was visiting one of my "Blogs that make me go OH!". Needlewings (AKA Wanda) from A Frayed of Fibers, is not only a great blogger but a very talented artist. I love her posts! I get to read about her family, her kitties, her cooking and her art. She often gives tutorials on both the artwork from her studio and her kitchen and they both always look good! I really do enjoy her work. Anyway, back in November Wanda officially became a senior at the great age of 55. (her words not mine and you can read them here) Silly Wanda! You are not a senior. You just got tuned in to the middle ages. Compared to, oh let's say, 85, you are still just a baby. Age is relative and we all ignore some relatives, so it's OK. Nothing to worry about. It's all good! And like you say, now you can get a senior discount. And what's not to love about money staying in your pocket? Nothing wrong with that at all. No mam! Happy Birthday again Wanda!
But I digress...sort of.... as I was saying, Wanda had a
birthady and had a free giveaway to celebrate. Guess what?
I WON!!! Woo-hoo for me! I was so excited when Wanda emailed me and I have been waiting oh so anxiously for my package to arrive. It did last week. I had to wait till later in the week to open it. But it was so worth the wait. I was so excited! I love opening presents and getting to see what the surprise inside is. I was very happy with the gift that was in the envelope. It is a hand made ornament. Right now I must apologize for the picture I posted. Camera's and I do not like each other. I do not take good pictures. This picture does not do it justice. Wanda, it is just so cool! Even Hubby John was impressed and when I showed him the pictures of the other ones you made that you had posted on your blog he said the pictures definitely do not show the hand work, detail and beauty of these ornaments. From the arms and legs that all move and the quilted backing, to the pretty earring charm she is holding, my ornament is just wonderful! Like I said, the pictures that both you and I posted do not show the detailed work that went into this piece of art. My gift is now on our Christmas tree for all to see. I am so lucky! Christmas came early for me this year all because of someone A Frayed of Fibres. THANK YOU WANDA!

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