Saturday, December 19, 2009

I am a High Priestess.....of course!

It seems that a reading of the Tarot Cards pegs me as a High Priestess. Huh.......who would of guessed it? I am sure some people would disagree with me being a High Priestess.....not that I am mentioning any names.......Hubby John and assorted children, both by birth and by marriage can all stop their laughing, gagging, groaning and sounding off of rude words that are probably spewing from their mouths as they read this. Smarten up all of you or I will use our Christmas Eve dinner as a sacrifice. And no, there is no rule saying I can't use pork schnitzel as a sacrifice. Well....not unless you are using the Old Testament of the Bible as a source for reference. Then there may be a problem. Maybe I should forget about the pork schnitzel.
Mind you, I don't need any special reason to burn anything. Carrots for some reason are one thing that I have as burnt offerings for dinner quite often. .... Hubby John....STOP LAUGHING! High Priestesses don't get any respect around this house. Maybe I should start my own cult, coven or congregation or whatever it is that High Priestesses are the bosses of. I could make them all do my bidding.....clean the toilet, vacuum the house....make the dinner and don't burn the carrots. might be a good thing. Maybe then I would get the respect I deserve. Of course if the Big Guy Upstairs knows about this post, and I am sure She does, She knows that I am just kidding. The two of us have already had a little discussion about stuff I do and She knows that I have a strange sense of humour. After all, She gave it to me. Anyway, I will stop complaining about my lack of deserved respect so you can go to the Tarot Card on my side bar, click on the picture and take the test to see what Tarot Card character you are. Who knows?
You just might be a wizard, a gypsy, a warrior or a magic fairy.
Just don't set your sights on being a High Priestess. That position is already taken.


John V. said...

Is it time to start looking into long term homes for you mom?

goddess in the groove said...

Of COURSE you are :).