Sunday, November 08, 2009

What's New On My Blog?

What's new on my blog?
A blog site that is....well...Fabulous!
Go look for yourself ...after you've read
this post of course!
is a new item that I have
added to my sidebar.
It is where I will be posting sites
that I find, and that you may find,
fun, fabulous and fantastic.
My first addition is a blog called
Fabulous Fun Finds. It has a lot of
free giveaways and is always showcasing
new and exciting Etesy shops and Blogs by
Creative people with things to sell.
To get to Fabulous Fun Finds,
just go to the Check It Out section
on my sidebar and click on the pink
bag (don't click on the picture on this post).
Once you click on the picture it will
take you to a fabulous site where
you can find some, well.... fabulous fun finds.
You might win something for free!
Never say never.
Try just might like it!
PS For those who read this post earlier
when I was having technical problems...
(aka Lois doesn't have a clue about computer stuff)
I want you to know that I did this all
by myself and didn't have to get help
from anyone.
And I didn't even blow up the computer. LOL!

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Marilyn Miller said...

Thanks for reading Delights of the Heart and visiting me there. I will definitely be back from time to time to check out what's happening with you.

So what exotic name would you choose for yourself?