Thursday, November 05, 2009

PITA's and my corner of the office.

I love my desk area at work.
I have my very own corner that
gives me lots of room.
I have a window. A big window.
It doesn't matter that it looks out on a grey brick wall
of the neighbouring building.
It is a window and I get sunshine on my shoulder and that makes me happy. Hmmm........that could be a song....ooops!...
sorry Mr. is a song!
However I digress from the subject at hand. I was saying how I like my corner of the office. I have a movable partition that I hang my coat and purse on and that give me and my office cohort, Sheila, some privacy from each other. I am happy in my little corner. I have everything I need and if ever I should need anything more I need only to ask and the boss says, go ahead and order it. My life at work is good and has everything I want. Everything is just peachy. Except for one teenie, tiny, little thing that really bugs me. I have an infestation of fruit fly. No, I didn't make a mistake in not pluralizing the word fly. I don't have fruit flies, more than one, a flock, herd, swarm or whatever more than one is called. I have a SINGLE.......ANNOYING....PITA (pain in the ass) FRUIT FLY. Now, it could be that I am wrong and that there is a tag-team of fruit flies that come out one at a time simply to annoy me. There is that possibility. But since I am only seeing one fly I must conclude that the infestation is of fruit fly not fruit flies. That little sucker defies gravity. I pounce on it and it is gone before I can say "What the.....?" . It waits until I am typing in full fledged data entry mode to attack......flying back and forth, up and down, in and out of my line of sight....and it never is dead when I hit it...or at least I think I've hit it. It is very annoying. My desk is clean, my garbage is clean, my apples are kept in the fridge for the weekend so there is nothing there to attract the pesky little gnat....oops sorry...wrong bug...I mean to say the pesky little fly. I would hang up some of those sticky manila coloured house fly strips but I don't think the boss would appreciate it hanging there for all the world to see when it (the world) comes tromping into the office. I don't want to spray noxious bug spray because of all all my desk pads, post it notes, hundreds of memo sheets that are glued, pasted and pinned to my bulletin board. How would I de-noxicify (is that a real word?) them? Maybe I should take clear tape and tack it across my computer screen or I could write on the back of a post it note on the side where the sticky line is and then tape it up with that sticky side facing out and the boss would think it was a regular post it note to myself. I have hundreds of them, the post it notes not the fruit fly, and the boss wouldn't even realise that I have them taped and pinned up backwards. Hmmmm that is definitely a possibility. I am not sure what to do. This infestation of fruit fly is a very annoying thing. Sigh.....what's poor girl to do? I could try a dish of vinegar left out. I read that this works very well. Maybe some honey on a dish to lure the little bitty fly. Then....BAM! once that little PITA lands it would be gone so fast it's head would spin. I will have to try something that is more successful than my hands, which, it appears, are too slow. Any suggestions out there?
Bring them on! As long as it doesn't involve small children, body parts, pets or spiders I am open to ideas of any kind. Let me rephrase that...I am open to most ideas of any kind.
The office is now open....let the suggestions


Marilyn said...

Hilarious!! Love your post but am so sorry the PITA is bothering you. Funny, funny post. Hope his life cycle comes to an end soon. I know fruit flies don't have a very long life but I bet it seems never ending to you. Good luck!!

Just Between Us Girls said...

Dear Lois,
Thank you for stopping by and the sweet comments about my wreath. I really have not weighed it so I cannot tell you. Thank you also for all the great suggestion on the blogs to check out. Your the best.

Amy. said...

We have had all the relatives of your fruit fly at our house. We have tried that long (unsightly) fly tape that unfurls out of the tube, vinegar, dish soap, banana in a dish covered by plastic wrap with a slit cut in it, and our hands- as weapons of tiny insect destruction. None worked. We have no fruits or vegatables sitting out, and I have checked to make sure no piece of produce was kicked under anything anywhere (I was ready to blame anyone and everyone if that were the case). No answer or solution for my PITA fruit flies. I feel your pain!!

Kimber said...

And here I thought someone might have left an old pita (like from the Pita Pit) under your desk...never heard of the Pain In the Arse type of pita before!

I have one word for you: BEER. Yes, beer. Put an ounce of beer in the bottom of a mason jar. Put a funnel overtop. PITA will fly in, get too drunk to fly out the narrow funnel opening and die happy. The end!