Monday, October 12, 2009

Family, Friends and Turkeys

This was/is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.
A time for families, friends and turkeys.
Hubby John and Cutie Patootie Neve, had spent Friday afternoon making peach and apple pies, and the pies were baking in the oven when I got home from work. So while Neve and I played restaurant, she was the waitress and I was the customer, Papa cleaned up the kitchen. Sounds OK to me......hee..hee...Then there came a phone call from John Vincent informing us that he, Sarah and Neve were taking us out to dinner. It was their treat to honour our 37Th wedding anniversary that we celebrated this past Tuesday. That sounded OK to me too!
We went to a local Chinese food buffet and it was yummy! Afterwards, down to the mall and while we girls shopped the guys were busy getting Hubbie John's new Blackberry on line.... in sync, turned on or whatever it is that they did. Sarah and Neve bought new place mats and I picked up a package of assorted paper. One can never have enough paper. Even though I work at a printers and can get paper whenever I want, I am still a sucker when it comes to pretty paper with prints on it. many designs and never enough money to buy them all. l love paper... but I anyway, after the mall outing everyone went home and to bed, well at least I went to bed after falling asleep on the couch for an hour or so. Saturday I was up bright and early and did absolutely nothing until noon at which time I made a macaroni salad for the surprise 60Th birthday party that we were attending that evening. Around two that afternoon Hubby and I got our act together and went out to do a bit of grocery shopping, birthday present shopping with a side trip to A&W as I had a root-beer craving. Man.....was that ever good! That evening we went to the party where the birthday girl, Brenda, was so surprised when she came into the hall that she started crying. Almost all of her family were there (and there are a lot of them). Even her brothers and sisters who live out of province, arranged to fly in for the party. Brenda was speechless.....and that's saying a lot for Brenda! It was a great party! Happy 60Th Brenda!! Sunday, I was up early again, getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner at Jaime and Mike's. John Vincent, Sarah, Neve, my Mom and cousins/dear friends, Wendy & Dave all came along and we had a wonderful dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes,all kinds of veggies and salads and desserts. There were all the trimmings and extras that go with a special holiday meal. Mmmm, mmmm good! It was another wonderful party. Thank you Jaime and Mike! Then holiday Monday arrived and up early again. Hubby John and I closed down the pool and got the yard all ready for the white stuff to come. We have donated pumpkins to Neve's kindergarten class and her day care so we took an hour to wash and dry 60 pumpkins and now they are ready for delivery. It was a labour of love. Eaves were cleaned out and a final cut of the lawn. It was a full day outside and we both enjoyed it very much. Very late this afternoon we took a quick drive up to Listowel, which is about an hours drive from home, so John could check out a job site. When we got back to town we picked up a pizza for supper. Right now I am just finishing up the laundry and my blog and am ready to go watch House and Lie To Me in a few minutes.
So all in all it has been a very full but very fun weekend.
A weekend of family and friends and turkey.


Two Peas In a Pod said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Marilyn said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Those pies sound SO good!!

Gingham Skies said...

It certainly was a wonderful weekend! Thanks for all of your help on Sunday Mom. The pies were delicious as was the pumpkin salad that you brought. OH! Thank you also for the turkey - Donald was a delicious boy.