Saturday, August 22, 2009

My wild night life.

I hate getting up in the middle of the night or should I say in the wee hours of the morning.
As I am typing this post is is now almost 4 A.M. It is my own fault! I know better! I made the mistake of opening my eyes after I got up to get a drink and go to the bathroom. I felt my way downstairs in the dark and made it down okay with no broken body parts. I did the bathroom thing with closed eyes no problem, but when I got to the kitchen to get a drink from the water cooler I opened my eyes. There is a night light in our kitchen that goes on when it gets dark. That way, in the evening, we don't have to keep turning the overhead light on every time we go into that room. I swear the kitchen is the most popular room in our house. Anyway, the reason I opened my eyes was to check my glass before I took a drink. A few years back I didn't check and I almost drank a spider. It seems spiders like to crawl up into the cooler spouts to nest. Even if you use it a lot...and we do. Ha! Is this going to make you go and check your water cooler out? I can tell you for sure that that was a very traumatic episode in my life. YUCK!!!! I had a spider in my glass and if I hadn't seen it move I would have drank it down. I HATE SPIDERS!!! So now I always check my glass before drinking anything. (This is also the reason I don't like to drink from cans.) So anyway, I opened my eyes to check the glass against the night light and because I thought something moved in the glass I turned on the overhead light on to double check. BIG MISTAKE!! Stupid move on my part! Thank goodness there was nothing but water in the glass. It must have been a shadow from my finger. But of course now that my eyes are open with full light hitting them my brain has gone into wake mode.
Just hunky dory!
Now I am fully awake and to top it off my body decides to throw in a hot flash just for the fun of it.
Whoopee!! I don't know how I take all this excitement in my life. I have such a wild night life!
Of course being a woman and since I am now wide awake why wouldn't I do a load of laundry, fold and put away a basket of towels, play a game on the computer, which I won, and type this post? What woman wouldn't? We multi-task regardless of what time of day or night it is. I hate that too! I am now going to finish drinking my third glass of water (which I know I am going to regret later) and then I am going to go back to bed to try to get back to sleep.
Sweet dreams to me.......I hope.


Kimber said...

You kill me Lois! But...Gah!! Drinking spiders??? I'm writhing in my chair just thinking about it!

I just started using nightlights a few months ago after tripping over my husband's crocs in the dark whilst carrying Jade. We nearly did a header out the bedroom window, so I have forgone my love of sleeping in the dark and put nightlights bloody everywhere. Sigh. The things we do for our kiddies.

I suggest using your sleepless night as an excellent excuse for a long nap this afternoon.

Jade says hi by the way!

Cindy said...

Sleepless nights and hot flashes........yes...I can relate. However, I have not drank any spiders lately.

Gingham Skies said...

Ew!! I will definitely be checking the water cooler spout from here on in. Yuck.

Gingham Skies said...

p.s. You crack me up.

tammy vitale said...

at sounds like me every night for the past week - except I drink my water straight from the spigot. =]

Tolentreasures said...

Too funny! I have not drank a spider, but one time drank and bee and got stung, that hurt. I can relate to your night...or morning. They match most of mine!

Cathy....with a C, but I'll answer to either k or c...thanks for stopping by my blog!