Monday, August 10, 2009

Cyberspace Junk Email seems that I have been chosen to be the receiver of 30 million British pounds sterling, which is something around 56 million dollar Canadian, give or take a few million. All I have to do is give them all my banking information. Of course this is all top secret and I can absolutely trust them. Don't be silly!!!! Of course it's true!!! Once the transaction is complete I plan on burying the money underneath a maple tree in the back yard. I read in the Internet cyberspace advertisements, that if you bury enough money under the roots of a tree, give a certain someone from that particular cyberspace company,the location of said tree and then not bother that tree for, um, say a hundred years or so, the tree will start growing money. Honest!! It's true!!! The nice lady in the cyberland ad said so. Isn't she nice? Now I just have to email this information along with a blessing to a hundred or so of my email friends so nothing bad will happen to me. IF I don't, I understand that something terrible like foot fungus or worse will grow on me. Can't let that happen can I?
Boy I love how people are so kind as to want to make sure that I am not taken advantage of, cursed or ill treated in any way. How thoughtful! Sigh.......isn't the Internet great?
Oh wow! I have to go..........apparently I can turn a five dollar investment into a job that will earn me five thousand dollars a week....guaranteed. All they want is my firstborn. Sorry John Vincent....I love you but I have to think of the family legacy that I will be able to leave my gandbaby(ies).
Whoopee.......look out I come!


Tolentreasures said...

Love your posts! I have missed reading them!


Gingham Skies said...

That's such great news, mom! I'll take all of your fabulous suggestions and use them to make millions!

clare's craftroom said...

That's a new one ! Apparently long lost relatives of mine were all killed in a plane crash in Nigeria but if I give the Nigerian council my bank details I can get millions in insurence !!!!!!
Have a great day Lois , good to see you back , Clare xxxx

Kimber said...

Wow, I can't wait to sneak into your yard some moonless night and cut all the branches of your money tree!

Amy said...

Too funny!!! Loved this post.