Sunday, June 07, 2009


A dear friend of the family, Tanya, went to Russia to teach English for a two year contract. We exchanged going away gifts. I gave her maple syrup, post cards with scenes of our area so she wouldn't forget us and a key chain with mukluks because I couldn't find the real things for her. She gave me a bag of goodies that included a book called The Four Seasons (poems). I think I got the best of this gift exchange. I do so love the written word. I keep the book on my desk and thumb through it often. Poetry, for me anyway, isn't something where you sit down and read the whole book at once. I like to read one poem and then spend a day, week , month or whatever time it takes, savouring what I read. Yummy! Anyway, I came across this poem very late on Friday night, which was June 5Th, after I had already written and posted for the day. How weird is that(note the date in the poem)? I should have posted it that night right away but I was too tired and half falling asleep so I set the book aside for the next day. I also should have posted it Saturday but I had two other things to talk about. But when I sat down this morning I remembered this poem again. I think it was meant for me to write about so I am. Better late than never.
For those of you who think poetry isn't your thing......take a few minutes and read the poem slowly and really listen to what James Schuyler is saying. I think you will hear him describe June almost precisely.
I hope you enjoy all of your June days and the poem too!


I will write you a letter, June day.
Dear June Fifth,
Your all in green, so many kinds and all one green,
tree shadows on grass blades and grass blade shadows.
The air fills up with motor mower sound.
The cat walks up the drive a dead baby rabbit in her maw.
The sun is hot, the breeze is cool.
And suddenly in all the green the lilacs bloom,
massive and exquisite in colour and shape and scent.
The roses are more full of buds than ever.
No flowers. But soon.
June day, you have your own perfection:
so green to say goodbye to.
Green, stick around a while.


tanzi said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying the book, Lois! Although I think I made out quite well on my end of the gifts!
I am going to snag (one of the words Jaime uses a lot and I like) one of my poetry books and put it on my bed side table so I can also remind myself to savour a poem each day.

The June poem certainly captures a lot of images and memories (unfortunately, the cat carrying the dead bunny, included!) for me.

xxx See you soon! Tanya

Gingham Skies said...

Lol! I couldn't help but laugh after reading Tanya's comment because what I was going to write, mom, is that this poem reminded me of both you and Tanya! Grass and lilacs = you. Dead baby rabbits in a cat's mouth = Tanya. HA!

Gingham Skies said...

Maybe the equal sign wasn't the best choice.... I didn't mean that Tanya is at par with dead baby rabbits, I just meant that they remind me of her.

Gingham Skies said...

Hmmm that wasn't much better, was it?! Lol! Sorry T, you know what I mean!