Saturday, June 06, 2009

An Informational Video

I have to thank my sister by marriage, Nancy M., for this post. She emailed me this informational video and I was so impressed with it that I decided to blog it.
So thank you to Nancy, and to everyone else take a few minutes to watch the video and you just might learn something new. I know I did!
Dropped Down the Sink!
Nifty solution to old problem.
Everyone should see this!
Just watch... It’s quick and useful! Good for jewelry!
This is one of those tips you wish you had known about before you took the sink apart or called the plumber!! It is a great tip and it saves money... How much better can it get?!
Click on the hyperlink below.

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Gingham Skies said...

A VERY cool video that I was glad I took the time to watch! :) Also glad they stated "don't use a regular vacuum" because you know some morons would do just that and end up electrocuting themselves!