Friday, June 19, 2009

The bright spot in my day.

The bright spot of my day today was when I got home.
My Cutie-Patootie Neve and I sat with our feet dangling in the pool and discussed bumblebees, birds, ants and flies and a few other things. All very interesting subjects. The questions and statements that she comes out with make me laugh. But of course I must remain serious because she is very serious. After all it is some very heavy stuff that we discuss. Here are some of our conversation topics that we touched on today.
1: Why do flies drink water?
2: Why do bumblebees sit in the flowers?
3: What's pollen?
4: Why are they more scared of us than we are of them?
5: Is that a dead ant?
6: Why is it dead?
7: How did it get in the water?
8: Will the bee eat the ant?
9: We can't eat ants....can we?
10: Why is that bird red?
11: Why does it come into our yard?
12: Doesn't it like the neighbours yard?
13: Why can't we see the nest?
14: Gram's did you know we have a nest at my house where I live?
15: Did you know there is a mommy bird and it sits on the eggs?
16: Did you know that Wilson went pee on the nest but then it rained and that cleaned the pee out of the nest? (don't ask!)
17: I don't think the mommy robin likes Wilson.
18: When is Papa coming back from the store?
19: Do you think he got lost?
20: Do you like my pigtails? Papa does a good job doesn't he?
21: How come my nail polish is almost all gone from my toes but yours isn't?
22: I don't want olives on my pizza.....or tomatoes.......I don't like tomatoes......
23: How come you like tomatoes Grams?
24: How come the water is warm here?
25: Are my magic paper flowers going to get bigger? (Subject for another post one of these days)
26: I don't want green pepper on my pizza.....I don't like it.....neither onions...
27: Remember we grew onions in the garden last year Gram's?
28: I am getting to be a big girl aren't I? And look how long my hair is.
29: My feet are all wrinkly dinkly... are yours?
30: Why is Papa taking so long? Are you sure he's not lost?
These are just a few of the things we voiced opinions on.
My head is still swirling from the swiftness of jumping from one subject to another.
Wasn't it just the GREATEST afternoon ever??!!??
Yes it was.


goddess in the groove said...

That's precious :). Kids have the best way of seeing our world, it is good that you take the time to see it with Cutie-Patootie :).

Laurie said...

How sweet! I miss sharing that special time with my grandaughters as they live in Iowa now. I treasure every moment!

Anna Marie said...

Ca-ute! Such an innocent outlook on life. *sigh* be a kid again

Amy said...

I love this!!! Especially "wrinkly dinkly"!!

Gingham Skies said...

Isn't my hair getting long? I couldn't tell you how many times I've heard her ask that question. :) Such a girlie girl!
Cute post, mom!