Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Watch out for a full moon.

After forgetting all weekend and almost forgetting again on Monday, I got a job done that I wanted to do. I finally bought the curtain rod. No, it isn't up yet! I am hoping Hubby John and I will do that on Friday. I didn't buy curtains. I bought a four pack of very pretty, heavy lace place mats from the dollar store. I am threading the curtain rod through them. In theory this will work just fine but sometimes my plans have a tendency to go awry. Hmmmm......... I hope this is not one of those times. We haven't had a curtain on that side window for years. There was never a need for one. Then the owner of the house next door moved the car that he had been storing in the driveway for the last ten years. Right after the car got moved Hubby John leaned a door against that wall and that blocked that particular window. But with the sump pump having been put in, the door got moved. Now our basement is open to the full view of whoever bends down and takes a look. I also think they can see into our basement from that houses side window that looks over this way. Ya never know! Anyway, I am determined to get a curtain put up down there as soon as possible. The bathroom that we use is down there and sometimes I will forget a towel and need to dash naked to the washer/dryer to get a clean one. If anyone were to look in at just that time I am sure they would be turned to stone or suffer a heart attack. Stop laughing! I am serious! I know Hubby John is rolling his eyes as he reads this. He should be careful that they don't get stuck! HJ could care less if there was a curtain up or not. I know he is thinking....."Who cares? If they look and see your naked butt then they'll be mooned!"Well I care and I want the curtains up. So on Friday the deed will get done. And come Friday evening there may be a full moon but the neighbours won't be seeing it.


Jaime said...

Running around naked again, huh?
Ummm lace place mats have holes in them so won't they still see their naked butt if they bend down and look in the window? :)

Lois said...

FYI it is a very heavy lace, not lots of big holes. Anyone trying to look in would need to have their face right up to the window to be able to see anything and then it would look good on them , for being peeping toms or tometts,if they had a heart attack or got turned to stone.

Ginny said...

I figure it their timing is good enough, or they have waited around peeking into that window, just waiting for you to make that naked dash, and they have to bend over to do it, well give them a show! They worked hard for it!!! Oh and be sure to have a phone close by to call for the ambulance so they don't die from the heart attack!!
BTW, this post made me giggle!

Anonymous said...