Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a great day!

Saturday turned out to be a do-nothing day.
I had great plans when I got up at 8:30.
The sun was shinning and the birds were singing.
I spied robins in the back and front yard.
Ah,,,,what a way to start my day!
There were things to do and places to go.
I was going to have the house to myself as Hubby John and son John Vincent were going to be moving furniture from one town and house to another.
It WAS going to be a day of doing for me.
After my shower and brekkie of cereal & tea while reading the last of a book I had started a few weeks ago, I was going to go to the thrift shop and spend my self appointed allowance of $5.00 and then come back home, turn on the tunes and get down and dirty with the vacuum cleaner and dust rag.
Hmmmm....oft times your best thought out plans go astray.
Just after 10:00 I woke Hubby John and got him moving. While HJ was checking his email to see if he had replies to a Kijiji inquiry he had made the night before I asked exactly what his plans were for the day so I could coordinate mine time wise. He replied that they were moving furniture from here in KW town to JV's house in Wellesley, then going up to Norwich to pick up some more furniture and then taking it back to JV's and helping him to unload and then HJ would come back home. PERFECT! That would give me lots of time to do what I had planned. Thrift shop here I come! Imagine my horror when I heard myself say....."Any room in the van for me?....WHAT!!!???!! Who said that??? It COULDN'T have been me!! I didn't have the time to waste for moving furniture. I had thrifting and cleaning to do. Places to go and people to see. Was there more alcohol in the mouth wash then I thought? Did I gargle too long? Was I fevered? Hubby John said he didn't know but that John Vincent was on his way in and they would check it out. SIGH! How do I get myself into these messes? Why did I ask to go? I wonder what goes on in my head sometimes. Was the spring air too thin? Was I not getting enough oxygen?
Meanwhile JV showed up, we all got the furniture out of basement and loaded into his van, he made a call to check the size of the dresser that we had to pick up at Nittie's house, made another call to arrange a trailer pick-up, and we three were on our way.
I was smiling and I was sooooo happy! Who wouldn't be? I was going to spend the day with 2 of the main men in my life. My Hubby John and my baby boy John Vincent.
It seems we never get him to ourselves. He is so busy with his own family and work and a new home. JV is doing exactly what we hoped he would do when he became a grown up. What were we thinking back then?
At the house in W town I got to see my Cutie-Patootie Neve for a few minutes and my daughter by marriage Sarah. It was a quick stop with time to unload and then we had to leave again. We drove, and drove, and drove. We talked and talked and talked. There was some quiet time that we enjoyed just because we were together. At least I enjoyed it. I assume that they were enjoying it too but on second thought they might have been hoping I was asleep and didn't want me to wake up. Hmmm.......
Anyway, into Woodstock to pick up the trailer. Then we made a quick stop at the dollar store for tape to fix a problem with the turn signal light. It's amazing what you can find to buy in that store when you are in a rush. Fix the light and then on to Norwich to pick up the beautiful old dresser that Nittie, aka Carolyn, aka Sarah's mom, had refinished for the kids. I got to spend a half hour catching up on family news with her and then it was time get ready to leave.
I adore Carolyn's house. She had it custom built for herself after her divorce way back when and I just love it. Big enough for one person, with a sun porch and a loft. Sigh...... Anyway we left Carolyn with hugs and kisses and promises to see her in May if not before. Back in Wellesley we unloaded the dresser and I gave Wilson the dog a quick foot wash in the laundry tub because of a mud incident. After he was washed and dried I thought I had left him locked in the laundry room but I guess I didn't shut that or the front door properly abecause he came right back outside into the same mud puddle. Grrr....that is why I don't own a dog...He was taken into the house by JV for another wash and then I gave kisses to the Cutie-Patootie, hugs to JV & Sarah, a scratch on the head for Wilson and Charlie their other dog, and off Hubby John and I drove. That took care of four or five hours and most of my day. HJ and I got home and I made a quick call to Wendy & Dave to see how they were doing....Dave is sick....poor Dave, and Wendy is sad because Dave is sick....poor Wendy. HJ and I thought about going up to have dinner with them but the sickness changed our minds. With HJ still getting over his pneumonia there is no way I will let him near another sicko. Sorry Dave, we love you but not when your sick. Meanwhile while I was on the phone with Wendy, HJ had started emptying the hot tub. When the call was done I went outside and then we got into and scrubbed down the tub, used the wet vac to completely empty it and then turned on the hose to rinse and refill it. While it was filling we sat in the family room to watch a bit of TV and we both dozed off for a little while. All that driving made us old ones tired. Once the tub was filled we debated what to do about supper and then decided to to out. Pizza and lasagna at Eastside Mario's....mmmmmm good! After dinner we stopped at Chapters. While HJ checked out a book I perused the card and craft magazines and grumbled over the prices. Why would I pay those prices when I can get the same information over the Internet for free? We both left empty handed but happy and went home. Once home I played on the computer, read some of my "Blogs That Make Me Go Ohhh", put on a load of wash and then went in to watch a show with HJ. I fell asleep while watching whatever it was that we were watching but I eventually woke up. I went and fed the kitties, checked my email, brushed my teeth, washed my face and crawled into bed around midnight. I was really tired but boy did I have a great day!

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tammy vitale said...

what a great post - so much happiness exuding from it! Love the "what were we thinking" - yes, we raise them to see them off and doggone if off they go! I'm sure the cleaning and thrifting will wait for another day!