Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why Not Soup

The last week and a half have not been good. Dental problems, house and cat sitting for John Vincent, Sarah & Cutie-Patootie Neve, once a day in a 20 minute drive both ways, dog sitting their 2 doggies at our house, Hubby John coming down with viral pneumonia and ending up in emergency at three in the morning, me driving home alone, for the first time on the 401 from Toronto, very little sleep for both HJ and myself, my mom going to Emergency (she's home & fine), picking the kids up in TO in the wee hours of the morning Tuesday.
Whew! Was it a long, busy, tiring, one and a half weeks!
The two doggies were, for the most part, good dogs. But we are not used to having dogs that bark at cars going by, people going by, dogs barking in other yards, dogs barking at each other in our house and at the ones on TV. We are not used to saying "No! Put that down, get down off there, let it go....let it go now...I SAID DROP IT! Go to your cage...now....right now.....I said NOW! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU IF I GET MY HANDS ON YOU! NO!!! I DON'T THINK YOU'RE CUTE SO STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT! It was like that for most of the time we had them. But what can I say? It's not their fault. After all they're just dogs. Our two Oscar cats slunk around trying not to be landed on by the 7 month old puppy who likes to be air borne and who thinks everything everywhere is for his enjoyment and is to be taste tested and played with. To say our patience was at an end by the time this past Tuesday rolled around is putting it mildly. Between feeding cats and dogs and driving to and fro, Hubby John and I both slept whatever hours we could for most of the family day long weekend. Early, very early, Tuesday morning we left the house at one AM to drive down to Toronto airport to pick up JV, S & Cutie Patootie. The plane was delayed and by the time we delivered them to their home and got back to ours it was just after five A.M. A quick cat nap and I was up and on my way to work by 8:30. John, sick as he was, still had to go out to do a few jobs later that morning too. It was a very long day for both of us. Tonight Hubby John asked for soup for supper. I didn’t feel like having packaged soup and thought I would quickly whip up a pot of homemade. Every time I took something out of the fridge or freezer I just said “Why Not?” and threw it into the pot. Hubby John and I both agreed that it is one of the best soups I have ever made. If you look here you can see the recipe. I called it WHY NOT SOUP.

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goddess in the groove said...

Sounds familiar :). Especially, the dogs :).

Hopefully, you are getting some well deserved rest!