Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Have Fun & Enjoy!

This post was actually started in October. Then I cut and pasted it into another new blog in December and now I have done it again in January. This time I am posting it for sure!
Today (this was back in October) I was cruising my "Blogs That Make Me Go Ohhhhh...." and while I was reading one blog in blog land I checked out a blog that someone had on their blog and then went onto a blog that that person had on their blog and well the next thing I knew I had no idea where I was. I was enjoying myself thoroughly but you can loose track of time so easily in blog land can't you? Anyway four hours later I am back to reality. Since I put those words on a Post waiting to be published I have added to it.
INSERT..... cut and Paste...cut and paste....more blog reading and more cut and paste....HERE.
So finally after3 months here are a few blogs that I have visited. Some of them I have added or will be adding, to my side bar in "Blogs That Make Me Go Ohhhhh...." and also in "Save Your Gas...Let Your Fingers Do The Driving" so I can visit them again and again. Go ahead and try them...you know you want to....have fun and enjoy!

Free Religious based E-Cards. Add this to your favourites and use it to send e-cards for every occasion.

Awesome card blog
Sweet Miss Daisy

Pictures of a Wedding in Canada. I stumbled upon this site somehow and I loved the pics taken.
I think they are taken at St.Louis Church in Waterloo.

Free Craft Templates For All Sorts of Things - A great site with lots of ideas
Paper Scarpz

Everything To Buy For Scrapping & Card Making
Scrap Hut

Great Craft Site For All Sorts of Stuff
The Artful Crafter

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