Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Candy Critic

Do you know how it is when you need to put a picture with a blog posting and you go surfing trying to find just the right picture and then you stumble upon a great site with the perfect picture and get busy checking out the site and then find that an hour has passed without you even being aware of it? Sigh.......That is what happened to me while looking for a picture of my favourite candy for the my last post.
The Candy Critic is a tasty site.
Take a swing by and look to see if you can find your favourite treat like I did.


needlewings said...

I have a few favorite candies, but seems mine are usually the chewy fruity ones like Mike and Ike's, Skittles and jelly beans. When it comes to chocolate, I would say Hershey's:) Thanks for visiting my site. You are welcome back any time! said...

time just slips away from me when I go online!