Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I am a happy girl.

Despite the fact that I still feel a bit like a Grinch, I must admit that after a hour (No Hubby John it was NOT five hours!) of poking around Michael's in search of Christmas rub-on transfers at 70% off regular price, I am happier than I was a few days ago. Not only did I get some sparkly ones, I was able to score some that were very old fashioned looking. These are hard to come by and are usually sold out before Christmas even arrives. So yes, I am feeling very pleased with myself today. I also got some ribbon that is very festive looking at 80% off regular price along with a few wooden pieces that are just waiting for me to paint up.....one of these years. I found some plain white embossed Christmas cards that I want to try doing a colour wash on and then I will add some sparkles to them. I can see the end result in my head but putting it on paper (pun intended) may prove to be a problem. We'll see. I will let you know what happens when it does.
The embossing on the cards is very pretty and I think I will run down this week and pick up two or three more packets. Again, these were 70% off so now is the time to buy. So I am smiling like a Cheshire cat at the moment. I LIKE getting craft stuff but I LOVE getting it on sale even better. So today I am a happy girl.


joanne wardle said...

hi, thanks for the comment on my pots, yes we used a suitable primer first on the pots, then two thin coats of blackboard paint to avoid any runs.

tammy vitale said...

Wow - my Michael's only had 70% off - where do you live?! But I got some great ribbons for next year and stuff for daughter's holiday centerpiece (daughter accompanied me) that will tuck away with tree ornaments and stay safe until then. I love after holiday shopping! On a budget this year but good anyways.

Kimber said...

I sure do miss Michael's...I need to get some ribbon to make a fancy new ribbon-bulletin-board for my green office, so good to know it's on sale!

Glad you got some deals to make you smile.

Naomi said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Thank you to all of you ladies for dropping by and leaving comments.
It's nice to hear from people who take the time to read my blog and then leave a comment. I am always tickled pink to read them.
Joanne, I am going to try to paint some pots in the spring. Thanks for the quick reply to my question about primer.
Tammy, I live in the province of Ontario (Southern part)in Canada. The 80% off items at Michales were all thrown into a big bin. What a mess it was. It took a good half hour of looking to find the 3 things that I scored. I hate when they dump it all together like that. But I guess a good treasure is worth digging for.
Kim, good luck with your ribbon hunt. I think I would be totally lost without a Michael's store near-by.
Naomi, I will be back to your blog in the near future for sure. Thanks for dropping by.