Thursday, October 16, 2008

Posting Started In September

Original Post Started On September 22/08
Some days when I get home from work I am really tired. Exhausted. Not wanting do anything. Even breathing seems like an exhaustive chore. Today was one of those days. Last week was a very stressful week for our family. My mother has been diagnosed with cancer and tests and blood work had to be done in a city a two hours drive away. That took up a full day for me, my mom and SuzieQ, my wonderful sister by marriage. I also was very busy at work and put in overtime on two days.Then there was stuff that needed to be done before we left for an out of town wedding on Saturday. What a beautiful wedding that was and the reception that followed was so much fun. We stayed overnight and then drove back home on Sunday. So of course I am still tired from that good time. On the drive, hubby John, daughter Jaime and me talked to my mother about her upcoming surgery which is this Wednesday. I know that she is scared and probably overwhelmed with everything that was thrown at her. I am only in my fifties and it was to me. She is in her late seventies and gets confused when things are going good. So I can imagine just how confused and scared she is with everything that has been thrown at her for last couple of weeks. So she got the idea that maybe the cure was worse than the curse and had mentioned to a few people that she thought she might not have the surgery. I am glad to say we got the facts all straightened out for her and she has decided to proceed with the procedure.
So tonight I look forward to a quiet dinner and early bedtime.....
Post Finished On October 16/08
When I first wrote this post in September I set it aside for editing and with everything that has gone on since I forgot about it. Tonight I was going through my postings and opened this to see what I had written. I decided not to delete it but to continue it. Wow! Was the month of September ever a whirlwind of ups and downs for us. Since this post was written, my mom has had her surgery on the 24Th of September and came through with flying colours. Five days after the surgery she was released from the hospital and she has spent the last three weeks recuperating at SuzyQ's and Conrad's home. Those two deserve a medal for everything they have done for mom during this whole ordeal. We had a big fundraising dance at the beginning of October for Benjamin and it was a huge success with a lot of money being raised for the family. We had relatives from the USA come up for the dance and were able to spend a little bit of time visiting with them. We had a whole group of people get togehter for dinner as a local buffet restaruant befor going on to the dance later that evening. The dance was exactly what we had planned it being. A fun filled evening filled with lots of laughter. Benjamin, his mom and dad and siblings were able to drop by for an hour or so and the they all enjoyed themselves very much. The support that was shown by family and friends was overwhelming. It was definately worth all the hard work that everyone put into it. The following weekend was a long weekend for Canada as we celebrated our Thanksgiving. Our part of Ontario was blessed with perfect weather. On the Friday night we had a surprise 50Th party for SuzieQ and on Saturday there was a pot-luck dinner with our "gang" and after dinner we all played cards. Sunday was a beautiful turkey dinner with all the trimmings at Jaime and Mikes and Monday was the day we got the back yard ready for winter. Tuesday night I started my beloved ceramics classes again. Judy was kind enough continue on for one more session. Next week we will go back to our regular Monday night classes. Today, Thursday, mom, SuzyQ and me went up to London town and saw the oncologist. He gave mom a verdict of having to have radiation, which we had expected, and announced that the cancer had not spread to her right side as was feared. That made us all smile with relief. Mom can now move back to her own place and SuzyQ and Conrad can have peace and quiet once again in their home. Friday night the girls are all going out to a fundraiser for a Cancer Respite Home and we are all looking forward to a fun evening of watching ballroom dancers strut their stuff. After tomorrow night the calendar is starting to clear. I am now done with my major overtime for this year and will be starting to get some much needed sleep. So the busy hectic pace of September and early October is slowly winding down and I think that in another two weeks we will welcome November as a DO NOTHING month. I think Hubby John and I need it.
PS On that September evening that I started this post, Hubby John took me out for a very quiet relaxing dinner at one of our favourite pubs. It was a no rush dinner and there were very few people so it was really quiet. Then we went home and watched a bit of TV before falling asleep.
I love those kind of evenings!


Two Peas In a Pod said...

Oh my you sure have been busy. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I am so happy your moms surgery went well. Glad to hear the social was a sucess and it did its job of lots of family and laughter. Just take it one day at a time :)

Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Thanks Kyla.
Thank you for your prayers and good thoughts. They are always needed and welcomed!

Kimber said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom, but glad that she is recovering. What a great supportive family she has! Enjoy hibernating in November...heaven knows you deserve it!