Thursday, August 07, 2008

You may be pleasantly surprised with what you find when you go in.

Don't judge a book by it's cover. This old adage means not to judge anything (or anyone) by outward appearances. This message was reinforced to us last evening. Wednesday proved to be a very long and busy workday for both Hubby John and I. Both of us got home later than usual. Both of us were hungry and tired. I slipped out to do a workout at Curves while he stayed at home in the office doing invoicing and paperwork. When I got home he said, "Go get showered and changed and we'll go out for dinner." Well, who am I to argue? I didn't know I could shower, shave my legs, brush my teeth, blow dry my hair and get changed that fast. It's truly amazing what I can do with the right motivation.
Being the cheapo that I am, I of course, had a "buy one get one free" coupon. It was for a pub by the name of "The Whale and Ale" on Victoria street in KW town. We have driven by that particular pub many, many times on our way to other restaurants. It was one place that we never thought of going into. For years for no other reason than by looking at the outside we had both thought that it would be a real dive with bad food. We were both still of that opinion last evening but decided to try it. We figured that if it was a bad meal at least we would only have to pay for half of it.
The "Whale and Ale" was GREAT!!!
Hubby John and I were very mistaken in our preconceived idea of this pub. We were both delighted not only with the lovely interior and how clean it was but also with the great food that we ate. Oh My Goodness! I cannot believe that this gem of a restaurant has been there all those years and ignored by Hubby John and I. What a waste of good food on our part! Appetisers were a baked brie with cranberries for Hubby John and potato bacon soup for me. My mouth is still watering over those two dishes. Our entrees were Steak and Kidney pie for hubby and a Chicken, Mushroom and Cheese stuffed Yorkshire Pudding for me. Yummmmmmyyy, yum, yum......was it ever good! The accompanying veggies were just done right. The mashed potatoes were not to our liking but we could have had rice, fries or baked potato and next time we will order one of them instead. So a really good lesson has been learned. We will never again judge what's on the inside by what we see on the outside. I advise all who are reading my blog to follow this good advise.
Don't decide not to go into some place by what it looks like outside.You may be pleasantly surprised with what you find when you go in.


Jaime said...

It's yummy isn't it?! I had the same soup when we went and I will admit I wasn't too sure about the place myself but was pleasantly surprised. Yum Yum!

Two Peas In a Pod said...

glad to hear you found a diamond in the ruff. I love going to new restaurants. Sometime you have the most wonderful time.
Cheers Kyla