Monday, August 04, 2008

(Goodbye) До свидания Tanya!

До свидания
This is goodbye in Russian. Tanya this blog is for you. We will miss you and will be waiting for your return from Russia. How exciting to be a young, single, vibrant woman starting out on an adventure of a lifetime. Teaching in Russia! WOW! Have a blast! Enjoy yourself. Stay safe. Come back home in 365 days or so. Family and friends will be waiting here for your return.
We love you. We'll miss you. Keep in touch as much as you can. Send your snail mail address and your email address when you have some time to do so. So until we meet again.......
Май любой более высокой силе вы верите внутри идет с вами и держит вас безопасно
(May whatever higher power you believe in go with you and keep you safe.)


Two Peas In a Pod said...

I hope she has a great time and you keep us updated on her travels.
Safe travels!!

Jaime said...

What a thoughtful post mom. I'm sure Tanya will be thrilled to read it - I know she'll be without internet for a few weeks but as soon as she's back online she should be updating her blog regularly, filling us in on her adventures in Russia!

tanzi said...

I just got hooked up in my apartment (with the internet that is) tonight and what a sweet surprise to read this post! Thank you, Lois. The support of family and friends-like-family as meant so much and helped me out already thru some stressful moments.

Thinking of you heaps!!! Thank you so much for the thoughtful card and Canadiana supplies--most appreciated!!!

I am so lucky to have you Storozuks and Mitchells in my life!!!