Thursday, July 31, 2008


One of my oft visited blogs, Lenie and Rose, had a marital test on it.
It looked fun so I just had to do it. What a laugh! When I was done doing the test I realized that my final score result probably would have been grounds for divorce had this been 1930. There would have been a really good chance of me being arrested for assault or murder. Apparently, had it been back then, Hubby John may not have survived my attempts at killing him with poor wifely attention to his comfort and well being. Thank God I missed the thirties! I bet Hubby John is happy too! Have some fun and take the test. Please let me know how you did. I could use a good laugh!


jstorozuk said...

I am "Very Superior" as a 1930's husband.

Jaime said...

I'm "Very Poor" (failure) as a 1930's wife. You raised me perfectly mom!! What happened to John? :)

Dawn said...

I am "superior" with a score of 61