Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another Do Nothing Saturday

Why is it that during the week when I HAVE to get up for work I tend to hit the snooze button, over and over again, wanting desperately to just go back to sleep, for another few minutes or a hour or two or five? Yet come a Saturday when I can sleep in I am wide awake and raring to go at five o'clock in the morning? grrrrrr...... So, this morning at 5 A.M. I get up to get a drink and go to the necessary. Baby Cat Oscar, as usual, was complaining about an empty food dish and he won't shut up so there is nothing for me to do but to go down to the basement to feed him. This was a mistake. While down there I saw a pile of dirty laundry so I thought I would put a load on to wash while I went back to bed. That way when I got up I could just throw the wet load into the dryer. Made sense to me at the time. So I started the washer filling, sorted the laundry, and put the first load of light colours in. But WAIT! I knew I had more clothes upstairs. So I stopped the washer, ran quickly and quietly upstairs up two flights of stairs to get them and started back down to the basement. Then I remembered that there were a few things that I wanted to put in the wash that were sitting in the family room. Sighhhhhh! Another mistake. I put the clothes that I was carrying down in a pile in the hallway, went into the family room to get the few items I wanted and then saw a dish and glass sitting there from last night. I grabbed the clothes that I was looking for and threw them on the pile in the hallway, took the dirty dishes out to the kitchen and turned on the light. I am not too swift sometimes in the morning. I know this, but it's like a car don't want to look but you always do. With the light on I can see dishes that need to be washed. NO PROBLEM. I will just stack them in a sink full of hot water and when I get up later, the water will have cooled down enough for me to put my hands in and the dishes will be all ready to just wipe and rinse off. Why do I do this to myself? I know the rule is "Don't make eye contact".....ever! While waiting for the sink to fill I happened to see a pile of newspapers and junk mail on the counter that I wanted to put out for recycling. No big deal. I am standing there doing nothing anyways so I might as well put them into a bag. So I did that, turned off the water and took the bag into the front entry to put outside later. While in the front entry I trip over a pair of my Cutie-Patootie Neve's shoes. I set them up on the shoe shelf and that reminds me that I left a pair of my shoes somewhere in the back room. I had better go get them while I think of it. I go back into the family room, grab the shoes and see that the garbage can back there is full and needs a new bag in it. So I grab the bag and head out to the kitchen for a clean one. But why would I pass the bathroom on my way without checking the garbage in there too? Just like I thought, it too needed a new liner. No problem! I was going that way anyways. I go to the front entry, drop the full garbage bags there to take out to the bin later, set my shoes on the shelf and head over to get the can bags. As I turned from the front porch I see my table that I have been trying to ignore for the last week. Sighhhhh.................I should have closed my eyes and pretended I was delirious from lack of sleep. Silly me! Since I had to pass the table on my way to get the bags for the back room I might as well get it cleared off. Hubby John hasn't complained yet. He has been very good about ignoring the mess. (it was all glassware for my china cabinet and he knows I prefer to put that stuff away myself.) I start putting away everything and had to move the Zehrs tapes I was saving (we save store receipts for certain groups to raise money). I had meant to give them to Jaime but, as usual, forgot. I figure I should put them in an envelope while I think of it. So I go to the bag of recycle papers and grab a used envelope and stuff the tapes in. I finish putting the glassware away and see a spoon that needs to be put into the drawer, which naturally, needed to be cleaned while I was there. Then I spied Hubby Johns' cooler still sitting on the chair. I take the ice pack put it in the fridge freezer, and then go into the little fridge in the office and put the water bottles in it. While in there, I decided that since I have the door open I might as well stock it up with more water and soft drinks. I finished that, see a plastic bag hanging on the door, which I grab along with another one and went to the family & bathrooms to put them in the cans. On my way back to the kitchen I see that Baby Cat is now sitting on the pile of dirty clothes that I had dropped in the hallway, really complaining. "What is wrong with you?" I ask. He glares at me and heads for the basement door. Oh for Pete's sake! I forgot to feed Baby Cat! I grab the pile of dirty clothes, go downstairs and finish putting the rest of the clothes into the washer. I start the washer and head back upstairs. Three steps up I remember to go back down to feed the cat. I do that and go upstairs and finally get my glass of water. So now that I am wide awake I am going to have some me time. I am going to make some tea and toast and read for an hour or so. I will finish washing the dishes that are in the sink and the laundry in the washer later. I am NOT going to get distracted by looking at my desk in the office while typing this blog. Well, maybe I will pay a bill or two, but maybe not. Last night, I wasn't sure what I was going to do today. Now I know. Because I've done it all already, I think this will be another do nothing Saturday.


Just Jaime said...

Geesh, I'm exhaused just reading about your morning mom!!

Thankfully Marg came and cleaned yesterday so I ran around like a maniac before work yesterday and spent this morning sleeping guilt free. :) Holidays begin in a week and that is when I'll be feeling the pain of my body forcing me out of bed when I could be sleeping.

Lois said... to be you.