Monday, November 30, 2015

God Bless.

The Globe and Mail printed a very good article about Syrian families waiting to find out if they are approved for resettlement in Canada.   As I said it is a very good article.  I hope you take time to read it. With that being said I have a few things I want to say. 
As angry as some of us may be at the thought of a lot of Syrian refugees coming into the country, if you have any compassion in your heart and mind, you will honestly have to admit how hard it must be for these people to leave everything they have ever known, to start over again. Am I worried about what will happen across Canada? Of course I am! Still, I have a very good life and don't really need anything, so how can I, as a Christian and a good person (at least I think I'm a good person) bemoan the fact that refugees are coming?   If I am being totally honest, I can't.  I wish every refugee, regardless of where they are from, a happy and exciting new life in Canada or in whatever country they settle in.   To all refugees I hope that you find new friends and that your life is better for you. I pray to my God that He watches over you and your family. I pray that you find peace, happiness and eventually a love for your new home and country.   May the God you believe in protect and guard you through your journey as well. Through all your trials and adventures to come GOD BLESS.

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