Sunday, January 18, 2015

Like that's goanna happen any time soon. has, again, been forever since I have posted anything.  Not that I haven't gone to visit my favourite " Blogs that make me go Ohhh" now and then.  I have.  Sometimes I leave a comment and sometimes, more often than not it seems, I just lurk around and enjoy just being an anonymous reader.   I know that I have been saying that I am going to post more often but sometimes life gets in the way.  Between work, grandbabies, family, home stuff, extended family stuff, Facebook, Pinterest and old age,  I just run out of time. I  turn 60 this coming April. I am not getting any younger but my to-do list keeps getting longer.  So I think the smart move for me to make would be to get rid of what takes up most of my time. So what would that be?  Work!  Yep that's the answer to all of my time problems.  I need to retire!  Seriously! And to show how serious I am I have added it to my to-do list.   Right under the line that says, WIN THE LOTTERY!  SIGH! Like that's goanna happen any time soon.

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