Thursday, March 21, 2013

Funny Fridays

Having three grand-babies keeps Hubby John and I young. It's like HJ always says, "if we'd known grandchildren were so much fun we would have had them first!". LOL! Our newest addition to the grand-babie pool is Ronan David.  Ronan was born on 12-12-12.  Lucky little boy.  He is now almost five months old an is starting to become aware of his surroundings and his family.  He is starting to smile more now that his mommy seems to have found what she can and can't eat while breast feeding.   Ronan is a much happier little man than he has been these last few months.  We enjoy him so much and can hardly wait until he starts to play with us.  We don't get him without mommy being there yet, but that will happen eventually.   The wee fiend, Kian, will turn 3 in June.   He is so much fun to be with. He has learned to run, how to say NO, how to flirt and how to make his Grams and Papa laugh...all the time. Papa is his daycare on Fridays and now that I have every other Friday off I get to join in the fun. The WF loves to walk and we do a lot of walking when he's around. He also loves puddles and HJ and I can hardly wait for the spring thaw. Lookout we come. My Cutie-Patootie, Neve, is now, according to her, a big girl, not a baby anymore. At eight years of age, she is right in that she is big, but she will always be our grand baby. CP is still a source of humor for us. Whenever we have her, even if only for a few minutes between school and dance classes, she is sure to come out with words of wisdom, that from a eight year olds point of view, make perfect sense. Most of what she says's makes us struggle to keep our laughter from exploding outwards and making her indignant or mad or both. CP is growing up too fast and we don't get enough of her during the school year. Hopefully, come schools end, we will have have her a for a few Fridays.   Won't that be GREAT? All the grand babies on the same day. Come summer, I think HJ and I are in for some funny Fridays.


Tolentreasures said...

Wow, you are increasing them by leaps and bounds! Isn't that true about not wanting to make them mad by laughing. When did that happen? Tyler is seven and we have to be very careful about the laughing, lest he gets mad!
Enjoy your Fun Fridays!

Gingham Skies said...

Finally catching up, Mom! Happy to see you back on the keys! The GBs are lucky to be loved by such an awesome Grams and Papa!