Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I Don't Want To Do It say's the Crafty Lady

This post was originally started and saved in my draft folder.  I am finally finishing it.
There are many things I hate doing and I think the worst thing is cleaning out my craft stuff. The problem is that I like my stuff. I don't want to get rid of it. It's mine! I have it because I wanted it. That's why I have stuff! If I didn't want it then it wouldn't be here waiting for me to get rid if it. I confess. I am a collector of...well...stuff. Mostly craft stuff...a bit of colored ribbon here and some glitter there, an old Christmas card with a pretty scene on it, and a big jar of buttons, all just waiting to be used in my next project. Also a box or two or three of ceramic bisque waiting to be painted and stained. Not to mention all the paper pieces, in every color, size and texture waiting to be used in that "special" project. Then there are all the sea shells that I dragged, I think illegally, home from our wonderful vacations in North Carolina. I have been saving those until I have just the right " I know what I can use" moment. There are the pieces of shale roofing, that came from a historic building in W town. Two of our very dear friends had that building demolished (with the cities blessings and gratitude) and re-purposed as much as they could in their beautiful new home they had built on the same site. I was lucky in that they allowed me to take as much of the old shale roofing as I wanted. Had I known at that time how easy it was to work with I would have taken a few more pieces. Anyway I made a pretty garden stone from one piece and presented it to them at a wedding shower. I smile each time we drop by and I see it in their beautiful garden. So do you see what I mean about my stuff? How can I get rid of stuff that has fun and happy memories for me? Grrrrr....I really do hate the thought of having to get rid of any of my stuff BUT it is on my to-do list for 2012. It must be done but I don't want to do it.
It is now Jan. 2013 and I must say things have changed a bit for me.  I have gotten rid of SOME of my craft stuff.  I did up raffle prizes for a fundraiser.  I had some large and small vintage and reclaimed boxes and tins that I filled with craft stuff.  Paper, glue and scissors were added to each prize and I also added craft books that I had bought at a thrift shop.  I made labels for each prize to make sure everyone knew that there were recycled and new items in the prize packages.  The kids went crazy for those raffle prizes. I had parents telling me what a great idea it was.  Those kiddies that didn't win asked if I would be doing more this year.
Sadly, I think not.  The new executive has decided to go in a different direction this year.  That's OK.  I wish them nothing but success in their endeavors. As for the craft stuff I still need to thin out there are always nephews and nieces who love getting surprises from their Aunt Lois.  They all know I'm a crafty lady!

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